Two years have lapsed since the formation of the Kenya’s Grand coalition Government. It was unique set up of a government, one of it’s own kind in Africa to ever been formed, due to a demanding and desperate situation. The winner takes a situation in a democratic democracy that was been challenged thanks to a disputed general election where the political rivals were forced to share the spoils in a coalition government.

Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge, where we have witnessed the good and the ugly side of the coalition government, fortunate and unfortunate events has graced us plus other sheer shenanigans which have characterized it. It hasn’t been a smooth sailing on the part of coalition politically because negative misconception have infiltrated in the part of political opponents where mistrust, suspicion, hiding of deadly cards under the table waiting for the opportune moment to unleash it.

All these characterizes the in goings in the coalition, something we had smelt and thought right from the onset.

But, is there any positive thing that we can write home about, concerning this coalition government? Has it lived to it’s expectations of what it was drafted for? Can it be a good role model that can be adopted by any system of governance?

The Kenya’s coalition government happens and has turned out to be one of the most unfortunate kinds of governance that has been adopted in our system of governance. Of late there was this simmering row and misunderstanding on some critical issues occasioning a grand standing where coalition partners crossed each other path.

For starters, the formation of the coalition government was formed out of question, for it was meant to cool the tempers and bring a ceasefire at that time. It was one of the desperate measures and a coalition was the only solution that suited, which was on the offings. After a supercharged disputed general election in 2007 which unfolded with one of the most heinous and devious post election violence’s where most life’s were lost, maimed and a wanton destruction property which characterized the moments. The international Community decided that there must be a workable work plan solution to bring the ceasefire.

Mr. Koffi Annan was the man for the job, who was up to task to maneuver around between the warring factions and bring them on the same table to deliberate and chatter the way forward. After a protracted negotiation it was agreed that the most workable plan laid with the formation of the coalition government.

It is to be noted that prior to the formation of the coalition government, these political protagonists came from different political perspectives backgrounds and thus we expected them to generate a lot of heat and dust due to their differences. And, true to the word, from the moment go they started pulling in different directions.

According to Daily’s Nation columnist, Macharia Gaitho, while spotting the issue wrote that the National accord may have been flawed and full gaps, but, it was the best deal at the particular time. It must thus be subject to constant review but that ought to be a continuous process under the existing coalition negotiations and management team. As the two principals dance around each other they must decide whether they want to strike discordant steps that might collapse everything.

He further noted that the two are bound together by an invisible umbilical cord that neither can afford to serve without disastrous consequences. They were forced into a shotgun wedding at a critical time in Kenya’s history that was necessary to save the country from bloody collapse. It may have been intended as temporary and not necessarily loving relationship, but the factors that forced the nuptials are still in place.

The problems in the coalition is probably that the teams are not effective as they should be and that principals have chosen to take the counsel of hawkish and inflexible advisers more interested in Sabre rattling than in seeking solutions. They do not need to love each but they are bound together until they deliver on the limited mandate designed to ensure the Kenya is never again driven to the brink of collapse by competing political and ethnic interests.

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