Finally, the much awaited grand coalition cabinet have been consistuted.

These comes against the backdrop of major disagreements over cabinet portifolio balance and the allocation which had took the centre stage.

Now, the country can breathe a sign of relief. The political score have been scored, after a lot of jostling, bargaining and the act of balancing.

The big task now lies ahead, since, from the onset of this year, the country hasn’t experienced an aura of peace at all. The clouds of tension, tribalism, revalry have been hovering around us, and a lot, has since passed under the bridge.

The implementation of the National Reconciliation and peace accord can now see the light of the day after the two principals committed themselves to it. The accord has a political goodwill and we must implement it fully and settle the impending issues which haunted us for quite a long time.

I’m sure the new cabinet members are anxious to get to work to catch up on lost time and Kenyans must now turn to the delicate task of service delivery. Now the ball lay squarely in the cabinet’s court, because they are the ones who holds the keys of our destiny.

It’s now important to note that all those who have been named as ministers, will serve the Government of Kenya, not their respective parties. They do have the task of closing in the gap they created.

The focus must now turn to addressing the issue of those displaced in the strife that followed after the election. Also, there’s much work to be done, in particular, the building of what was destroyed following the hooliganism that grippled the country after the election.

The new Government must, as a matter of urgency, take the reform route, to ensure we have equitable distribution of services and resources across Kenya.

The new Government must also address the escalating cost of living. Prices of essential commodities have gone way beyond the reach of the common man.

I urge the ministers to join other Kenyan who have been struggling to get things back inorder. There’s no time for boisterous homecoming ceremonies and elaborate swearing in ceremonies.

Celebration will be inorder once all Kenyans are settled back in their homes from which they were chased. Let us build a culture of celebrating a job well done, rather than more appointment to power.

In short, we must start the work of building Kenya.

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