In the KENYAS’ political scene,plitics and politicking are an everyday adjustments.They are intertwined with our daily core lives.They do rank high in our tread pages.The country is at all times and totally awashed by politics,being the subject matter.These shenanigans happens to make the country seem to be on a permanent campaign moods.And,it’s not a wonder to hear a political leader ,or, a tribal chieftain strategizing about the next election after a conclusion of an election.Engaging the country this way happens to be the order of their strategy.

    And, on that note ,at the moment in the intricates of our politics ,the political temperatures are high,as a big debate is on the roll and it on the cards”the succession politics”.President KIBAKI is set to retire in 2012 ,after his term lapses,and, according to the constitution he will not be eligible for another term.The political field will be open and different political leaders aren’t shying to show their craveness to inherit the presidency mantle.

     That’s why political leaders and strategists are burning midnight oil  mapping up and brainstorming about the best strategy to employ so as to be ahead of the pack.Political leaders are fighting tooth and nail ,they are daring to trek extra miles ,use any influence so that they can’t play a game of catch up in this turbulent political waters.

         Political strategists and technocrats are having a gain field day as they have being contracted by political leaders to help them fine tune their strategy ,smoothen the rough edges,oil and mechanise that strategy so that it can be workable.

       Considering the numerous political alliances that are being fronted to test the political waters tells alotand it is aclear manifestation of how underhand wheeldealing manoeuvres are pacing up in readiness for any eventuality.And,that’s why the political leaders are tranversing the whole country,every region in the hope of popularising themselves and to be in tune with the people.Politician will always be politician ,they are transversing the regions in the name of overseeing developing projects whereas they do have other motives behind it.This is done at the behest of development agendas of the country.

      Right now the succession political battles are on and it is turning out to be a hot debate which is raging onwith the story  line being about the generational change.The so-called youth leaders are fronting a political wind of change where they want a generational change in our political scenes.According to their considered arguements the youthful leaders must  take charge of their own destiny and the old guards who have characterised our political scenes must pave the way ,reliquish their positions to the youthful political leaders.

     In their views a new youthful crop of leaders must be bred to take over the political scenes,hence the call for generational change.In their arguements ,inspite of the old guards been in power for quite a considerable time they haven’t solved the problems that do affect the youths and they keep on  proming them that they are the leaders of tomorrow.

      These youthful leaders are saying that they do have what it takes to lead a country,they have the necessary skills and ideas necessary to transform this country.

    They are saying that the next general election ‘s battle line will pit the ol d guards and the youthful leaders.To them the country is ripe for the generational regime change.They are ready to usher in a new leadership and perhaps one of their own will take the mantle.

    But, is the country ripe and ready for that vital generational change which is being fronted ?Are these youthful leaders capable of leadership ,or, are they just a bunch of tyrannical leaders who might lead us astray to obvilion?

       And,to the contrary these arguement of the youthful leaders have being dismissed  with contempt by the older generation of leaders ,and ,leading the onslaugther is the Prime minister Raila odinga.He told them that youthfulness isn’t the leadership  and what matters most is your mind,ideas and not the age factor.And ,to quote him ,he said that you could be young in age, but old in mind and vice versa.

    But, all in all,this whole generatinal change debate we are witnessing is a clear test case that unfolds the real cloth,that succession battles are raging on

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