All over the world there’s a big outcry and an alert has been declared over what is been referred to as a looming food crisis.  The sky rocketing of the food prices has led to food riots in some parts of the continents.


This crisis hasn’t escaped an ear of the world governing body, the U.N, which has gone a step ahead to constitute a council that with look at this matter.  The U.N is giving it it’s almost priority so that it can be addressed adequately and avert any looming danger which might arise.


The food crisis we are witnessing is a warning an indication of tough times ahead and people should brace themselves for the worst.


The situation has been worsened further by the surging world oil prices and high inflation rates.


The break- away towards bio- diversity technology as being argued by the experts is all what’s causing this crisis, as there is competition over the food crops.


The Kenyan population hasn’t been spared by the crisis, for they are bracing and feeling for themselves the heat of the food crisis as they gamble with high prices of basic commodities especially the cereals.


It seems as if the Malthusian theory is coming to effect when he lamented that the ever-increasing population would continually strain society’s ability to produce goods and services.


People are experiencing of what they haven’t experienced before, because life is becoming too much an bearable which is been fuelled by high inflation rates which is making each an every commodity to skyrocket almost double.


The Kenya’s situation has been worsened by the occurrence of the post election violence, where massive destruction was witnessed for even the food crops were not spared either.  The granaries, which were used by the farmers to store their food, were burnt.


There are also reports that this seasons maize crop has been attacked by the armyworms in parts of the Mt. Kenya and that the rice output in Mwea will drop by over 50 percent.


But, how preparedness is our Government and especially the ministry of Agriculture and what steps are they taking to address this hot issue that’s going to affect us? Will the Government afford to feed it’s ever increasing population? What plans and measures does the ministry of Agriculture have and what they are taking to salvage the farmer from the surging prices of agricultural products which are beyond most farmers.


The Government needs to address this issue adequately so as to avert the looming crisis and ensure the people are protected from hunger.


But, we must recommend the Government for taking the initiative that will avert the crisis when it directed the Ministry of Agriculture to increase it’s food reserves by importing and buying from the farmers.  The ministry is also trying to secure affordable farm input to boast the farmers.


It’s also worth to note that the cabinet meeting that took place on 15th may, put emphasis on food crisis as one of its key agenda and priority.


Let’ s brace ourselves for the worst as the prices of basic commodities continue to skyrocket such as maize, rice, sugar and yet our leaders are telling us that there will be no hunger in the country as there is enough food in the stores to cater for all.

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