Imagine looking down at a highlighted graphical path of an ant in any given day.The ants ,are the ever busy creatures on the earth,always in search .They are always on the move.They have even been recommended in the HOLY BIBLE, due to their sheer hardwork.

From your perspective ,the graphical path course of the ant looks crazy :it seems zigzag ,back and forth ,even going backwards.In reality,in it’s course it encounters many challenges and obstacles .The food particles which may happen to be the grain might be bigger than the ant,on it’s course it might be stumbled on,as it is a miniature creature,coupled by harsh terrains,and at the end of it all it must push on .

Yet,for the ant ,given it’s obstacles and terrain ,the direction it’s taking makes perfect sense.It doesn’t give up,nor ,does it lose the sense of direction ,and, above it all it’s commitment to the essence of hardwork which clearly portrays itself on the part of the ant makes it optimistic it will fulfill it’s mandate in any sense.

The story of an ant is a clear manifestation of how we should put much input in our daily adjustments just like the ant so that we can prosper in life.To quote saying ,which says that”The only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary”.

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