After mendering for a long stretch, extending to almost 9 months, the English Barclays premiership trophy has finally rested to it’s rightfully place that’s –THE OLD TRAFFORD-THE THEATRE OF DREAMS. Manchester united are now the premiership champions after amassing total points more than their competitors which guaranteed them the much coveted cup, a third time in a row. Although this time round they didn’t do it with a bang, they did it in a style because they have equaled Liverpool’s Premiership titles.

To most fanatical Man U fans they are only awaiting May 27th to set another record when they meet Barcelona in the champions League final, and, if they happens to win this cup, second time in a row.

This successful achievement has generated a wave phenomenon craziness around the globe. After that triumphant victory, a presenter with a leading F.M station dedicated his morning show glorifying Man – U; the die-hard fanatical fans joined the fray as they partied to celebrate the team’s triumphant victory.

And just like other male Kenyans between puberty and middle age, I find English Football a welcome diversion from our satisfying politics. I can not deny the fact that I am an avid Man U Fan, and I am not alone in keeping at my fingertips all that maze of statistics of premiership, while remaining blissfully ignorant, about our own K.F.F premier league.

This soccer craziness obsession has affected Kenyans and most are paying religious devotion, royalties to these teams. We can’t deny the fact that the English premier League has taken local fans by storm. It’s the world’s most popular sporting league and Kenyan fans are part of the over 1 billion people who watch what is taunted as “the greatest show on Earth”

It’s like an epidemic that has swept across the Nation, and perhaps one which only soccer fans can explain. Indeed, non soccer fans can explain, indeed, non soccer fans cannot understand and obsession the English premiership league has generated.

This football craziness has made Kenyan population to identify themselves with these teams, the Man U’s, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. The names of s of Ronaldo, Rooney, Gerrand, Fabregas, Lampard, do feature in the detailed post mortem discussion, which are carried out in an Aura of confidence. This discussions can range from which team is performing well, dismally in the league, which player is up to the game and the general soccer gossip.

So deep veined is this fanaticism obsession as witnessed in a case recently where an arsenal fan committed suicide after the gunners were bundled out of the champions league in the semi finals, by their bitter arch rivals, Man – U, of the champions league in the semi finals, by their bitter arch rivals Man- u.

But what’s this entire soccer craziness obsession all about, featuring the foreign teams, bearing in mind and ignorant of the fact that we have our own premier league which we should all subscribe to? And, why is it that most fans align themselves to the English teams, and not other leagues, and in particular the Spanish league which is much tougher, more competitive?

Is it lack of patriotism? Is it some brain washing? It might be more complex than that, but ……………….

During the Moi regime dispensation when most institutions collapsed due to massive corruption and mismanagement, our soccer went to the dogs along time. Our soccer institution wasn’t spared either.

And, for quite a many years nothing was positive that warranted to write home about as our game was thrown to the dogs.

It’s from these moments that most fans shifted their goal posts as the drain continued to shift to where they could find some solace. Our soccer went to the dogs along time ago, and, it has been in doldrums, of which it hasn’t yet recovered.

But who is to blame and whose was the fault? And, what contributed to the downfall of the Kenyan soccer, and, why, is it that it’s been dogged by controversies all the time?

There are many factors that contributed to the nose diving of our soccer. First our soccer administrators are them themselves the major failures because they were mesmerized and fused by the madness of our politics, which infiltrated it.

The Kenyan political shenanigans infiltrated into our football system just like it did to our institutions. The nemesis that devoured our institutions didn’t spare our soccer.

Secondly we don’t market our soccer properly; the reason why the English premiership attracts such a fanatical following is because it’s highly marketed to such an extent that it’s on everybody’s lips. The visibility of the premiership is nothing more than aggressive T.V marketing campaigns.

But, whose responsibility is it to market our soccer? That ought to be the task of the football federation on the individual clubs. This is one avenue which has been largely underutilized. Our soccer administrators have not yet discovered the usefulness of this powerful tool, which if used well can have a big effect.

And, it must be pretty difficult to a market a premier league that’s so corrupt, disorganized, where different federation factions pulling into different directions and one federation which doesn’t have a soccer strategy.

Corruption, dubious deals, mismanagement and other shenanigans have been the hallmark of our football federation, which hampers the growth of our soccer.

Until our federation puts their house in order, we will always be at home and away from home.

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