The recent move by the American Government to bar drug barons from setting a foot in their country was long overdue and a right step to the right direction.It is a major step in curbing this menace of drug trafficking.This move comes as no surprise as it is rife and in public domain which is wheeled by powerful cartels.According to the American sources these drug barons happens to be the state and government officers or they are influential, well connected to the power circles.

Powerful are these cartels such that their influence in the government sometimes hinders proper investigation and standing on their way or tracking their path is considered a risky game affair.The money that is got from these illegal trade is used to bribe, in corrupt deals or to buy influence in the Government circles.Most state officers are in drug baron’s payroll to assure cover-up.

Drugs menace is well rife in our society and it has turned out to be a big anathema.Nowadays in our villages, ghettos, streets it is not a wonder to find youths lying stupor or their brain shave gone haywire due to effects of intoxication by these drugs, or, chemical laced illicit brews.Their minds have turned into a vegetative state.Poverty, joblessness and desperation on the part of the youths makes them too vulnerable to engage in these drugs.

If there is one thing that has not received due public attention, it is the narcotics trade and it’s debilitating effects on abusers.So many societies are having more drug addicted citizens whose only raison deter is to achieve at all times the “cloud nine” effect with bhang, cocaine as been the most abused drugs.

Drug trade is doing both social and economic injustice to our people.And, it is sad that some leaders we elect are the same people engaged in drugs.The biggest challenge is how to deal with the supply side of the chain.While banning drug barons from visiting America was long overdue it is not enough to deter the said individuals from continuing with their illicit trade.

It is the right time to nip the narcotics trade in the bud or else it will mutate into a menace.Barring the suspected drug traffickers is just a tip of the iceberg.Kenya has turned out to be the cesspit of this evil trade.And, the youths are the most targeted by the drug peddlers and that is why most of them do end up abusing the drugs.

And, it is a pity to note that the Government isn’t doing enough to contain this menace which is tearing apart our society, but the state apparatus do condone it by engaging in corruption, where they do receive bribes from the drug barons and peddlers.

Narcotics trade is so lucrative that the prime movers can marshal the financial resources to fight, undermine or compromise state agents.So powerful are the drug barons that sustained efforts against them in most Latin .America seem to come to naught partly because of the initial official inertia.

Our people are at the mercy of these powerful drug barons who at the end of the day smiles all the way to the bank.

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