“As leaders, we must lead by example and show the way, and that’s why, we must pay our taxes just like the other Kenyans.”  This is a statement that was contained in the finance minister’s budget proposals that brought to the tax bracket, the honorable members of parliament and constitution office holders.


The outburst that followed after this statement seemed to have irritated a swarm of bees.  It seems like the Finance Minister will have an uphill task before him and a fight, which will go into some rounds before he fulfills his proposals.


The M.Ps are crying wolves over the tax proposal, and the real pointer was aired by one, honorable member of parliament for Ikolomani, Dr. Bonny Khalwale, after he was quoted as saying that the Finance Minister wants to make us as miserable as our constituents.  He was reacting and venting his anger against the Finance Minister.


But, putting into perspective such a statement, from a honorable member of parliament, one is left to wonder who are the M.Ps to be exempted from the tax bracket.  A sinister motive seems to be cropping up among them and considering the fact that they do receive hefty pay pack.


The idea of paying tax dates back to many centuries ago, even during the Biblical times, For, even in the Bible, the Pharisees once asked Jesus Christ whether it’s a good idea for them to be paying taxes to be Roman empire.  Jesus responded that they should give God what belong to God, and give Cesar what belong to Cesar.  What Jesus was emphasizing to them is that it’s their obligation and duty to pay taxes.


And, as with tradition all over the world in most countries, for the Government to run smoothly and deliver services to it’s citizens, it must outsource funding.  One way of where the Government pools it’s resources by imposing and levying taxes to it’s citizens.

Even in the most developed countries like the U.S.A, United Kingdom and many others, nobody is exempted from paying taxes from Presidents, Kings Queens, Princes, Princesses and Senior Government officials.  Each an everyone feels proud and part of the system when he/she is filing tax returns.


Paying tax is a vital civic duty and all those who are eligible including the M.Ps should feel proud to do so.


It’s quite unfortunate that our have been exempted from paying taxes for quite along time, considering the fact that they are among the highly paid members of parliament in the world.  This hefty pack is being seconded by, hefty allowances and goodies.


The M.Ps must stop complaining and agree to pay tax like fellow Kenyans to help fund the Government expenditure.  Kenyans earn peanuts and have dependants who depend on them yet they pay taxes.  Whether it makes them as miserable as their constituents or not, the M.Ps must pay taxes on their allowances just like any other Kenyan.


Why do they think they are more special than the taxpaying people who elected them to parliament?


With the C.D.F, bursaries and other sorts of public funds going directly to constituencies, whom are the M.Ps trying to fool that they give handouts to their constituents?

They should stop being selfish and lead by example by joining fellow Kenyans in building the nation.

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