Goda, the daily nation, editorial cartoonist, sometimes act as a marksman who hits the target on the bull’s eye. His ironical and satirical illustration unfolds and delivers message clearly and as they would say, more than a thousand words would.

            On, Wednesday 19th November, he drew an illustration that depicted a certain group of honorable people who have vowed not to honor their taxes. He rebuked, insuated and taunted them for their selfish act and their ascertain that they belong to a special and privileged group.

            And, according to one social writer, while commenting on the same issue of the members of parliament refusal to pay taxes, wrote and quoted an American quote that was used during the war of independence of which he advised the Kenyan to rally their call to, “no taxation, and no representation.”

            He went a bit to write that the people should use it against the greedy and selfish members of parliament. We must ensure that any m.p opposed to paying tax never sees the inside of the parliament again. The mps must not be allowed to enslave us. Even the U.S president elect Obama pays taxes, he wrote.

            This are just, samples of  many reactions that have been lodged concerning the verdict by the (dis)hourable M.Ps to dispose off the proposals to tax them despite been the most highly paid members of parliament in the world. The Kenyan M.Ps enjoys hefty pay packs plus allowances which are catered for at the behest of the poor Kenyans who mostly live under a dollar in a day.          

            As one American statement, Thomas Jefferson, said, that, whenever a man casts a longing eye on them (high offices) a rotten mind begins in his conduct. Under prevailing circumstances, I think Mr. Jefferson, could have added money together with high offices because , if there’s one mind boggling shenanigan that affects all, its money, it has portrayed itself  to be the devil within with which it keeps on haunting us forever and drives most people to the haywire.

            Our (dis)honorable M.Ps have been the latest casualty of this money factor virus, after their bold step to sabotage a financial bill to exempt  themselves from taxation. The financial bill outlines new taxation measures which the government intends to implement to improve its tax base, as it was outlined in the budget speech by the finance minister.

            Bu t, how does it sound like when our leaders obstruct themselves from their responsibility of paying their taxes, and overload that burden to the already overburdened poor Kenyans?

            Wonders will never cease, it’s quite dishearing that this selfish group have sabotage the government to drop the proposal to tax their allowances. The question of taxation of their allowances was top on their agenda and a subject of concentricity in their circles.

            The M.Ps used the idea of paying taxes to punish former finance minister, kimunya, and now them proposal to tax them. They have let down the electorate and Kenyans and Kenyans watching Kenya.

            It’s indeed imperative that all citizens of this country pay taxes for the economy and for the government to carry out its mandate. Former finance minister’s budget had shed a ray of hope on this whole subject, but as, things are, and this is far fetched dream.

            Our leaders are taking us for ride. They have behaved like the classical ostrich that hids its head in the sand refusing to know that it hasn’t covered its body. They aren’t contented with their already hefty pay pack. It’s ironical that the poor Kenyan, who lives under the cloud of penury pay tax, while they the richest, evade it.

            This is inhuman and dishonest of highest order. The rich- poor gap will never be addressed in this nation. Our leaders are subverting this proposal for their own good. This is the cry of the voiceless. Our lives have been stuck in the grooves for ages. We wish to see the proposal being the seriousness it deserves.







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