The diluted Leadership and Integrity Bill;Will it assert itself as a litmus sieve test ,which will filter our Leaders? | leadership,integrity,bill,diluted,

The diluted Leadership and Integrity Bill;Will it assert itself as a litmus sieve test which will filter our leaders?After the cabinet diluted the initial draft Bill on Leadership and Integrity ,by deleting some clauses ;will it stood the test of times?Will the Bill clear our systems of governance,and,political courses ,by clearing the rot that has clogged up our systems ,and,getting of the tainted leaders?Will it be strong enough to debar the tainted characters?And,who among our leaders ,and,politicians will pass the leadership and integrity litmus test?

These are the questions on most Kenyans minds,after the cabinet diluted the initial Integrity draft Bill ,which was then passed by Parliament.According to civil rights activist,Okoiti Omtatah,he wrote that,the society has a duty to use the law to lock criminals and suspected criminals out of politics ,since Presidency,Parliament and County Assemblies are the most powerful and coveted Institutions in the country ,and,the character of their members must be beyond reproach.

Kamotho Waiganjo,a member of the Commission of the Implementation of the Constitution,said that the constitution required that any law on integrity should provide room for vetting of elected leaders and public officers.The constitution required a statute Bill that had a mechanism for vetting of leaders and prescribing the requirements without providing for organs to validate them.

The new constitution had put a lot of emphasis on good leadership ,and,leaders of high integrity morals ,hence the drafting of chapter 6 of the constitution.Chapter 6 analyzes and outlines the kind of leaders who will be elected ,or,appointed in public offices.It calls for leaders of high integrity morals,who possesses good leadership qualities who aren’t tainted by corruption and other ill vices.

The constitution expects all state officers to be above reproach .Specifically,national values and principles of governance in article10(2) including patriotism ,rule of law,human dignity,good governance,integrity,transparency,and ,accountability,leave no room for those with unresolved integrity issues.

The draft Leadership and Integrity Bill provided for the vetting of candidates seeking elective positions and people applying for the top government jobs as required by chapter 6 of the constitution.It also required the two sets of public officers to declare their wealth before assuming office.

However ,the cabinet deleted the clauses on vetting and declaration of wealth ,paving the way for politicians and public officers to hold offices without scrutiny .This denies the Anti corruption commission and other agencies role in vetting those seeking public offices to ensure they met the strict provisions of the constitution.

Members of Parliament,also ignored the public appeal to shore up the integrity threshold in the Leadership Bill and have instead said that all aspirants would be eligible to vie in the next elections unless barred by the constitution.

The Commission for the Implementation of the constitution had said that the diluted Leadership and integrity Bill annuls the moral and ethical standards expressed in the supreme law.The law Implementation committee had urged Members of Parliament to reinstate clauses that were deleted by the cabinet from the Integrity Bill to provide for vetting of public officers.

The drafting of chapter 6 which called for good leadership and integrity was drafted in consideration to our political leaders who for a long time have been castigated for condoning rot in our systems .They do disguise as leaders whereas their actions speaks otherwise,they are hyenas in sheepskins.They are known to sweet talk their talks ,but,behind the scenes ,they do to the contrary.The ills that do affect our society is orchestrated by them.

Already,the Leadership and integrity qualities of some leaders have been put to test ,after activists went to Court to seek a redress and challenge the vying of top presidential hopefuls ,messrs Uhuru Kenyatta,and,William Ruto,after their charges were confirmed by the International Criminal Court.The suit has further enjoined the other 3 leading presidential hopefuls

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