The demise of a pop icon,and,a diva,Whitney Houston

The news of demise of a popular,pop icon,legend and a diva,Whitney Houston,caught many by surprise.Her death on Saturday,was received with shock and sadness among a generation of fans who savoured her talent from the 1980s.She inspired a generation of music fans with her soaring voice described by her contemporaries as nothing short of magical.

Her death was a real shocker throughout the world.We lost one of the finest pop icons.

According to New York syndicate,while paying tribute to her wrote that,”with a ferocious powerful voice and a dazzling rage,Whitney achieved stardom as a pop-soul singer known as “the voice”and the “Queen of pop”in the 1980s and 90s.Her fantastic success-and that of fellow pop icon Michael Jackson-was propelled by a brand new device at the time :the pop music video.Now she is no more.Here’s a tribute to this dashing goddess”

Lionel Ritchie,said that,she had a voice that could just turn a story,melody into magical notes.

Her songs,”How will i know”,and,”I will always love you”,were popular anthems in radio stations and discotheques,for they were most of the requested songs.And,save for the Dolly Patron,who has stood the test of times,Whitney comes second in that pecking order.She was a talented songwriter,performer,artist,and,above all her voice happened to be her greatest asset.

And,in my considered opinion,her voice was what identified and defined her,it was majestic,coupled by her strong guts to perform that propelled her to greater heights of her musical career.

The 48-years-old,grammy winner,was a huge star in the 1980s and 90s,selling over 170 million albums with worldwide hits including “i will always love you”,before her career and personal life went off the rails.

As much as she was into drugs,we understood her when she tried to come back to her real self.And,it is a painful seeing people in their prime fall to drug addiction.Now Whitney has followed Amy Winehouse,Brenda fassie and Michael Jackson to the “logical”conclusion -either insanity,or,death.

One lesson though ,that our celebrities should know that they are mortals and they should take caution especially when dealing with drugs.

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