The Dalliance between The political Class,Politicians,and,The outlawed organized Groups;A worrying tread which sends cold shivers down the spine of most Kenyans. | organised outlawed groups,mungiki,mombasa republican council,political class,pol

organised outlawed groups,mungiki,mombasa republican council,political class,polThe more we are itching closer to the general elections ,the more intense the campaigns are turning out to be ,which have started in earnest.The campaign moods have engulfed the country,although political politicking campaigns happens to be a permanent engagement in our country,it is an everyday adjustment.Right now most politicians are hopping around the country trying to convince the masses why they do think that their political course is the one which is right.

The hunt for those crucial votes goes a notch higher as political opponents fights for the political supremacy battles.The fight gets nasty as politicians goes that extra mile,craft strategies while at the same time using cunning tactics to derail their opponents,and,to them it doesn’t matter whom they are courting.

And,this is where the dangerous precedent sets in,to fill that political vacuum.After been docile and inactive for a while,most of the outlawed organized groups have now rekindled and re-engineered their activities all raring to go and to capitalise on the political situation on the ground.The outlawed criminal gangs are turning out to be that crucial votes whom the politicians are chasing trying to win,and,court by extending their hands

Most of these outlawed groups have been banned by the government due to their illegal activities ,do have the numbers ,and,it is a pity and a worrying tread when they do involve themselves in the Kenyan political murky waters.Their numbers acts as their bargaining chip with the political class and politicians so that they can support their course.That constituency numbers plays to their advantage.

The dalliance between the political class ,politicians and the outlawed groups in electioneering period is sometimes worrying putting into consideration how past elections have unfolded ,which sends cold shivers down the spine of most Kenyans.It is a well known fact that politicians sought the help from these groups one time,or,another ,and,after they accomplish their mission ,they do dump them.

A case in point remains that of Mungiki sect,which have been used by top notch politicians over and over again.Mungiki is a group which has it’s roots and origin in Central Kenya and some parts of Rift valley.It has been severely accused of committing mass murders ,running extortion rings and inflicting terror among the residents of where they do operate.

In 2002 and 2007,general elections they were much involved and visible where they supported certain political courses,and to cap it all ,they were adversely mentioned in 2007/8 post election violence.According to Waki commission’s report,which analyzed the post election violence,the group was adversely mentioned where they were used to stage retaliatory attacks in Naivasha and Nakuru.

In recent weeks,we have witnessed politicians extending their hands to the banned Mombasa Republican Council,trying to win them,where they have argued that the group deserves to be given a fair hearing so that their problems can be resolved and addressed .Top politicians gunning for the Presidency are all courting this group promising to highlight their grievances and address them.Flattering the Mombasa Republican Council is dangerous.The group recently got a boast from Presidential aspirants Odinga and Mudavadi,who all promised to engage it in talks

Mombasa Republican Council is a coastal based group which is calling for the secession of the Coastal region from KENYA.The group is turning out to be the threat to the government ,where it’s objective is for is for Coast region to secede from the rest of the country through violence and this is unacceptable.And,in the group’s happenings they have lodged a court redress on the issue.

The same case is taking shape of the Mungiki sect,which has since transformed itself into a religious outfit .They are starting to take their political course they will do follow and undertake in the forthcoming general election.Even certain political class is starting to be associated with them.

In analyzing this whole dalliance between the political class,politicians and these outlawed groups ,i think the leaders are merely acting in a bid to win their votes,which is wrong.

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