According to sociologists, what starts off as a small habit, practiced oftenly outgrows itself to become a culture which entrenches itself and is much deep rooted in the society’s way of life and of doing things.This habit outgrows to become a culture which affects the whole society which discourses the way of doing things in one way or another.

It is to be noted that it is in this culture that the social evil ill motives that bedevils the society thrives.Eventually this culture hinders transparency, efficient management and the necessary development which upheld and upgrades the lifes of the society. And, the person who said that a habit is a disease was quite right.

Take the culture of cash handouts which has outgrown to become a form of bribery and an act of corruption.It has become a norm in our society to such an extent that if you want to gain any favour, secure anything or to be helped you must first dish out or part with a small handout to the recipient, in the form of money.It is a well known fact, a truth that to maneuvers in this land of ours in each an every venture you engage in you must part with a small token and failure to do so your deals turns sour as you are taken round the circles.

Such entrenched is the culture that most people are prepared at all times and it is in their minds that they have part with a handout, or, a bribe.Most people do budget for it.It is a culture that is thriving at on alarming rates among the African states and societies.A joke is been told of how KENYA is closing in on NIGERIA in bribery index because as it has it Nigeria happens to be the most corrupt country in Africa.Chances of parting with a bribe in Nigeria are very high of which is replicating in our country and most African states.

It is a pity to note that the culture is corrupting and destroying our psychological ideals as a society, even the children are grasping this culture of handouts.This days trying to gain favour from a child to perform a certain chore might fell on deafs or it comes chained with a set up of demands you must part with inform of sweets, biscuits and cakes.

And, despite the numerous desperate calls for the stoppage of this awkward behaviour falls on deaf ears and hasn’t gained much ground.Most people thrive with Thrasymachus conviction, who argues in Plato’s book, THE REPUBLIC that it pays to be corrupt or to act unjust.Happiness might be gained by behaving immorally instead of virtuously.Human behaviour is and should be guided by self interest.

He doesn’t follow Socrates into a philosophical exploration of justice despite too much conviction that it doesn’t pay to be corrupt or to act unjust.To Thrasymachus the corrupt seems to have their way, lives well and performs well in their lifes.But, Socrates counters this by stating that this isn’t the case because it corrupts the mind destroying the sub-conscious section of the mind coupled by the fact that the corrupt lives in guilt.

Thrasymachus concludes that perhaps the virtues are simply a mug’s game.And, this is what we have been living in, despite knowing that it is bad to be corrupt we still condone, court and embrace it.It starts off as a small habit which outgrows itself to become a big problem, a big rooted root where all manner of ills that affects our society thrives namely corruption, bribery, mismanagement, inefficiency, nepotism and tribalism.

And, unless we change our ways of doing things and how we do operate we are doomed to fail and we will not change this country of ours.It is high time that we do change this awkward malpractice which acts as major stumbling blocks to the development of this country.

But, until when shall we continue to condone and court these ills which bedevils our society and country which hinders us?And, until when shall we change our ways of doing things and gaining favours, instead of giving or receiving handouts, we do embrace just ways of doing this?Or, will it be a mug’s game till the end of time?

To prosper economically and socially we must discard this vocabulary of parting with hand outs and bribes because whether we like it or not it will continue to ravage on us and especially to those who do not posses considerable fortune to bribe their way.To embrace this culture will compromise our ways and psyche where we do substitute merit by fortune.It is a culture we need to tame, curb as people, society and as country if we are to make any progressive and gainful strides.

And, the most hard hit areas where hard hit areas where handout and bribery plays out is in politics, any elective post, government jobs and in the corporate institutions.It is a well known fact that aspiring for these jobs and you happen that you doesn’t have a godfather or you do not have a token, then the next thing is that you have to forget about that job.

The same case applies in politics, as it happened in the recent by-elections where money was the dominant factor.If you happen to possess an ambition in any elective post and you happen that you don’t possess any considerable fortune to bribe your way then that happens to be the first failure test.

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