Is it that we have been told time and time again to an extent that it became a chorus. It has synchronized in our system and infiltrated into it to a point where addressing it has turned out to be another problem. The failure by our football federation and the administrators have been rife and it is a well known which is much talked about. Our football calabash cracked long time ago and it has been leaking ever since.

And, the main base line for our failure happens to be the rot that continues to decay at the football federation den. It is a house that needs a total overhaul, renovation and rejuvenation to give it a new facelift so that it can be enticing. What emits from the federation house are trails of corruption, inefficiency, mismanagements of funds, poor planning and strategies, squabbles and wrangles among different football factions.

But, in matters of introspective what hit our football calabash? Our football game has been a non-starter heading to the mission impossible and despite the officials knowingly what ills our game, it hasn’t been addressed adequately. It has always turned out to be as difficult as it was for Apollo 2, when it tried to resist the pull of gravity and the pull of earth. And, despite several attempts to relaunch it has always backfired.

If one doubted how deep we have sunk in football doldrums, the qualifying game with Uganda which was settled to a barren draw and the F.I.F.A ranking have said it all. That mediocre show was just a reminder one needed to ascertain that point. There was universal opprobrium when stars were held to a goalless draw by a plucky Uganda. Kenya has become the weakest football nation in East Africa.

And, just like the other Government institutions which have been plagued due to the various ills, the football federation fraternity has not been left behind. Despite spirited efforts to crack the whip on the federation and overhaul it has been met with resistance coupled by the iron fist arm of the world soccer governing body which threatens to bar and ban Kenya from any footballing activity in the world.

But, the buck of impediment in our football game lies within our football administrators who have been acting like political godfathers. They do run our football like it is their business and not minding the welfare of the game and the economic significance it brings forth. The officials have been exhibiting Olympian incompetence in matters of sports. And, how self-centered this cadre of parochial individuals are displayed when they refused to grant permission for the match to be televised live while viewers in far flung Kenyan towns sat in front of T.VS.

And, it is these sheer shenanigans that make our national soccer team to flop as it engages on a mission impossible in the campaign for a place in the world cup and Africa cup of Nations. While other major sporting activities continue to thrive, flying high and doing wonders, one tends to wonder what happened to our football game. It has been on a downward spiral of which it hasn’t yet recovered ever since. That draw unfolded the rot which has been in the football federation den. For they are always quarrelling, squabbling and wrangling which generates to different factions.

But, until when shall we continue to hold barbs to these soccer administrators who continue to hold us at a ransom while destroying our game? Why is it that the football federation is always engulfed and embroiled in squabbles, wrangling and pulling into different directions? And, why is it that always our national soccer team has been on a mission impossible at all times?

It is a fact our football is treading on an uneven surface and the solution to this problem is to conclude that times are ripe now we do rise out of blues, throw caution to the wind and disband the whole football federation and F.K.L outfit regardless of the consequences. We can’t continue to be held at ransom by corrupt individuals yet they are still in office courtesy of F.I.F.A’S policy of government non-interference with soccer management. They must go if we are to have a formidable team.

It is so frustrating that the football calabash finally broke at the door. We can’t claim luck never stood on our side; it is garbage out poor management poor outcome. It is a bit retrogressive to talk about football. What makes the occasion more painful is that our athletes dazzled the world with superior performances in the just concluded common wealth games in New Delhi, INDIA, yet we couldn’t replicate the performance of soccer at home. In our football game there s nothing we can write home about.

According to a summation of a new report from the Forum for Africa Investigate Reporters (FAIR) shows that administrators of the game in Africa are more focused on personal gain than the prosperity of soccer in their country and the development of the national leagues. The report titled “killing soccer in Africa” found that while players have sacrificed their personal fortunes to develop soccer and their community the administrators tasked with developing the game focus on personal gain.

Bribery, misuse of funds, unaccountability and general mismanagement of the national associations are exposed in the report. On KENYA, the report shows how football Kenya officials sell the national team to the highest bidder in appearance fees yet keep on turning to the government to fund their operations. The report is harsh on Kenya football leaders saying they only pick up leadership positions in the game to launch political careers at the expense of football development. F.I.F.A also comes in for criticism in the report.

Efforts to wipe out corruption in the national associations is derailed by F.IF.A which keeps stepping in every time a Government has tried to address corruption related issues by threatening to a ban countries citing Government interference. The report shows how FIFA protects corrupt African football managers and in effect abates the practice that has so crippled the development of the game in the continent.

FIFA is a professional association of investigate journalists in Africa. Its mission is to enhance, deepen and build investigative journalism as a profession throughout the continent.

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