Kenya is in a deep hole. And, this hole is getting deeper by the day. It’s now a fact that Kenyans should brace themselves for the tougher times ahead, since the coalition is in disarray. The coalition government is in tatters following the unfortunate events that culminated the week, which raffled the turbulent political waters in the wrong way.

Our leaders sidestepped their core responsibilities and dealt with non-issues. First, the much hyped and talked about coalition retreat at Kilaguni lodge collapsed due to insincerity and skeptism on part of our leaders. Then, followed the quitting from the government by Justice and Constitutional affairs minister, Martha Karua, and her counterpart, Assistant minister, Danson Mungatana.

And, then the scathing attack the Prime minister, Raila Odinga, directed at the president over his governance which he described as a Jua Kali one.

To most political observers who are reading this whole unfolding shenanigans between the lines concludes that this is a hypocritical coalition where dangerous cards are been unleashed by the protagonists. In their conclusion of what is transpiring aren’t the real issues that are been raised, but, rather it’s the battle of power struggle that’s gaining pace.

But, what pities us most is the total collapse of the Kilaguni talks which was meant to address the hot issues which keeps on haunting the coalition causing all manner of squabbles and bickering. The coalition management committee members are mandated to manage the coalition as they address and thrush out the thorny issues. And, that’s why they had congregated at Kilaguni to iron out the persistent issues that haunts them.

The management committee members do comprise of the two principals and cabinet ministers from both sides of the coalition.

The abortive Kilaguni talks flopped right from the onset as there was no will and commitment from both partners. Right from the start it was quite clear that both partners were reading from different scripts and clearly they were navigating into different directions. Each party had its own set of agenda which they all demanded must be discussed.

Prior to the talks, the body language plus the suspicion which characterized the situation clearly demonstrated that the retreat wasn’t up to any good, and it wouldn’t have yielded anything let alone to raise any meaningful agenda.

The coalition government can be compared with a big ship sailing in the ocean stuck in the high seas with two captains who are onboard, who are not getting along well and they are always arguing to which direction the vessel will head.

According to O.D.M party leaders, Raila Odinga, he said that they had gone to Kilaguni with their agenda which they hoped would be put into consideration, but, their counterparts had their agenda which they wanted to be adopted and discussed.

But according to an informed source, the bone of contention is far much beyond of what we are witnessing. And, the fallout portrays the bigger picture which is unfolding and behind the scenes politicking. With each party, with its own version of agenda and not willing to cede much ground, then, what precipitated was a lukewarm meeting which was followed by the collapse and a walk out of talks.

But, until when shall those power struggles shall cease among our leaders and they do engage in meaningful issues that will guide the country to prosperity?

Right from the onset the coalition partners didn’t accept the fact that they were in coalition government, which at times cannot be manageable. They didn’t trust each other, and skeptism characterized the coalition.

And, our leaders must understand the fact that the sovereignty cannot be defended on the alter of the myopic politics now destroying this country. Our leaders must understand that they have misused the opportunity and trust vested on them.

Kenya needs a leader who is prepared to grasp the nettle and come out to articulate loud and clear economic and political alternatives. We want to see a leader with a razor sharp economic antenna; somebody who is actually aware that the biggest challenge for this country is a weakening productive sector.

This country badly needs a breath of fresh air. We are in a desperate need for a new leader. The road is long, tough and full of ups and downs, but we as Kenyans we will make great strides when a time will come when the politicians will cease to think as politicians, but, starts to think like the leaders.

Kenya’s mode of politicking is not about constructive debate and principled disagreement. It is about back-stabbing and bickering between warring courtiers, instantly elbowing each other to catch the eye of the master.

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