A litmus test is waiting in a couple of weeks, to test and gauge the compatibility of the ground coalition Government. The much awaited by-election will be held in different constituencies, which fell vacant following the death of the incumbent Members of Parliament or the elections were nullified by the Electoral Commission of Kenya.

 The President’s and Prime Minister’s words and commitment will get the right confirmation with the oncoming by-election, as these two principals have been telling the world that we have being to the hell and back and never ever shall we allow ourselves to delve there again, as Kenya is now peaceful. Their actions and words hold the key to the destiny of the Kenyan people. It has been even suggested in some quarters that the President and the Prime Minister shouldn’t take part in campaigns in these by-elections. The formation of the grand coalition Government brought together strange bedfellows, who were forced to share the same platform by an uncompromising situation. Their ideals differs sharply despite been equal partners in the same fold. The political supremacy battle pitting the party hawks from both sides of the divide will square it out to fill the vacant positions and to maintain the numbers in the house. The political class who are known for their rivalry, war of words, chest thumping, undermining each other which has been their characteristic which they do perfect well will be put into the test as they face each other. But, in recent times this toned down abit and now they are ranting sweet words of how they will work together although there has been some divisions here and there. This by-election will gauge the cohesiveness and credibility of the coalition Government that is already divided over the issue of amnesty of the post election suspects. This issue has even torn apart the coalition cabinet. It seems as if they are reading from different scripts, as per their public utterances. These major players in our politics have sponsored different candidates, to compete in this by-election. We are waiting to witness a bruising battle that will pit these two partners after they declared that they would treat each other as rivals. We are also waiting to see whether what we witnessed during the last year’s election campaigns will recur again, where hate speeches and text messages, incitement, vindictiveness took the center stages. Conclusively, it will be a clear testimony of whether we learnt something from the shenanigans that coupled our country of which we almost slipped into an abyss.       

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