After a good eloquent speech by finance minister, when he outlining his budget, one of his cabinet colleague concluded that, the finance minister deserves a pat on the shoulder, while he was praising him.  The minister emerged against all the odds to present a budget which was quite accepted by all across the board.


All in all, the minister deserve praises for balancing his budget considering the fact that the country is in a tinder-box.


Last Thursday 10th June, all the attention was focused at the finance Minister, Amos Kimunya.  The honorable Minister was on the cards that day for he was the one who was having the solution of the country’s economy.


And, as per the traditions of the country and the parliament, all the honorable members of parliament must attend the session of the budget speech as representative of their constituents.


The budget speech outlines the measures the Government plans to introduce and formulate that will enhance the development of the country.


The minister also allocates funds to different ministries and Government departments so that they can function and co-ordinate smoothly.  It also outlines the measures the Government intends to take to rise funds to finance it’s functions.


The minister had so many cards on his table that required his attention, and to be filled.  His balancing act was facing an acid test against many backdrops, and myriad of problems, and he had to appease the masses by protecting them from high inflation rates.

He even confessed that it was his most difficult and challenging budget that he had emerged from.


The finance minister read his budget in regard to the pillars and foundation of the vision 2030, which had being launched by the president.  The vision 2030, had a wide ranging of proposal and outlines, which acts as guidelines and which if enacted will steer the country into a big leap milestone.


The formation of the grand coalition Government further complicated the Ministers budget, as he had another additional baskets to fill.  This arrangement altered his arithmetic’s abit, and he had to think out of the box, and devise ways of how he can manage his basket and fill it up.


The ever increasing inflation rates which is fuelling the basic commodities prices to skyrocket beyond reach to most people, was sounding red alerts which required the ministers attention, of which the average Mwananchi was waiting in the wings to see how the minister would tame it, plus the surging fuel prices.

Also, to be put into consideration, is the destruction that resulted from the post election violence and the displacement of thousand families, which aggravated the whole thing and the minister had to factor them in his budget.


But, the biggest breakthrough for the minister, came when he managed to brought to the fore the members of parliament and constitution office holders into the taxman’s bracket.  This move have ignited a big hullabaloo from the M.Ps who have vowed to block it. 


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