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graffiti,communicationIn any disgruntled society,as they seek to put across ,or,air their views which they needs to be addressed they do devise creative ways of communicating.This indirect ,soft mode of communication is gaining prominence as a modern way of communicating ,and,airing views,instead of the earlier aggressive activism.

During the popular Arab springs revolutions uprising we witnessed how social media came into play as a tool of communication ,and,how it changed the whole game plan.It played an integral part of revolution ,and,used as a platform to convey messages to perfection.

And,since time immemorial ,communication has been of vital importance to the human kind.It is this form that messages were delivered ,and,conveyed. Also,this mode was used to inform the society ,educate them and signal an impeding incident. In those ancient times many modes of communication were used to communicate.

Even in this modern times ,these modes of communication are much prevalent , and, part and parcel of our society ,although they are much improvised ,modernised ,simple to use,effective and a bit fast,compared to the ancient ones.Today we do have newspapers,radios,televisions,magazines,newsletters,satellites and internet which are at our disposal.

These modes of communication are used as avenues and platforms to educate,inform and convey messages to the general public. But,these modes of communications are a bit costly to use ,and,much controlled by the laid down editorial rules and regulations.

And,that’s why in our country ,there is an emerging creative form of communication that is gaining roots and prominence;the art of graffiti. This form of art is being used by the underground Kenyan artists to air their views and convey messages. Abandoned walls in Nairobi,have been turned into noticeboards by these underground artists,while conveying their different messages. And,as they say a photograph ,or,a piece of art ,is worth more than a thousand words.

According to the Oxford dictionary,graffiti ,are words,or,pictures that are written ,or,drawn in public places ,for example on walls,or,posters.Wikipedia,defines graffiti,as writings ,or,drawings scribbled ,sprayed illicitly on a wall ,or ,any other surface in a public place.They do range from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings ,and,has existed since ancient times with examples dating back to ancient Greece ,and,the Roman empire.

It is a rapidly developing art form whose value is highly contested.

The Kenyan society is turning out to be a frustrated ,desperate and disgruntled society due to the acts that are committed by their leaders.They are a dissatisfied lot ,and,their grievances needs to be addressed at whatever cost ,and,have to be brought to the attention of our leaders ,and,this is where the graffiti comes into play.

And,this art of graffiti is becoming popular with the Kenyan population. The popular graffiti are those that depicts our leaders,and,also those that address the various ills that do affect our Kenyan society ,of which haven’t being addressed by the government of the day.These ills do affect us as a society ,and,are perpetrated and inflicted by our so called leaders.

These so called leaders of ours do engage in the acts of corruption and other negative attributes like propagating tribalism,ethnicity and hate speeches,and,this is what is being depicted in this graffiti.

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