It could have happened and you land in Kenya at the moment from Mars you will be appalled and amazed by the news that will greet you. It is like a hit song, although this one is for criticizing and condemning a certain selfish clique elites who are been led by greed. You will also be puzzled by the astronomical figures that are involved in this whole saga.

And, it is ridiculous that the Kenya’s Members of Parliament are in the news again not for doing anything good to the taxpayers, but, for their selfish reasons. They packed the house to discuss an increase of their salary. They unanimously resolved to increase their salary which was quite shocking. This was certainly driven by greed and seeks to drain the pockets of the tax payers. What they did was selfish and capricious.

Introspectively, it seems as if extra-ordinary measures of which most of them aren’t compatible to the realities on the ground only happen in Kenya. Some measures can only happen in Utopia and not in this realistic world of ours which is characterized by economic depressions and meltdowns. Making a living in this hard economic time calls for desperate measures which are meant to salvage the economic situations coupled by far reaching austerity measures.

But, these carefree clique elites doesn’t mind all that economic equilibrium instead they have hiked their own salaries and allowances at an alarming percentages. Currently they are facing a real total backlash and criticism of their life from the tax paying Kenyan citizens. Multiple online groups on social sites in print and broadcasting media outlets where Kenyans are throwing tantrums on them.

Again they are the makers of news and not in good light but in bad one. They aren’t on a noble cause that might help to alleviate and uplift the living standards of the poor Kenyans emerge out of the doldrums but to oppress the overburdened tax paying Kenyans.

And, it is worth noting that the members of Parliament adopted a recommendation on report in a record time of less than an hour. The report recommended for a hefty pay pack increase on their salaries and allowances. They unanimously passed and adopted that report without any differences whatsoever, they threw their political indifferences aside to support this crucial bill which was of importance to them. While other crucial bills which are of much importance have stalled in the house for months turned years due to either lack of quorum or it is differed due to lack of necessary support from the members, but, this one passed through in a record time.

The recommendations report which was embraced with both arms in parliament is unpleasant, despite the fact that most Kenyans live below the poverty line with only a few able to get basic essentials. They have proved how selfish, unfelling and inconsiderate they are. They always have their way of doing things that only benefits them at the expense of Kenyans.

The formation of the commission was necessitated by the members of parliament failure and refusal to pay taxes, hence it’s formation to review their salaries and how they would be taxed. The commission was mandated by the parliament through the parliamentary Service Commission and it was chaired by the retired Judge Akilano Akiwumi.

Kenyans have expected the commission to recommend for the taxation of the Members of Parliament, but to the contrary they recommended otherwise. If anyone had expected the Akiwumi Commission to bring down the M.Ps pay salaries, then we must have lied to ourselves.

According to the report, it recommends far reaching measures which are meant to increase the M.Ps salaries and allowances. If they made good their threat and the government honours them, they will be one of the highly lawmakers in the World, earning more than the U.S.A.s congressmen and women although their economy has thrived much than ours.

Despite the high depression economic times we are facing the Government, is trying to breach the huge economic gap in its budgetary allocation, the lawmakers have thrown the spanner which create distortion and curtail the Government’s monetary policy.

But, in the matters of introspective does our M.Ps deserves this enormous pay hike? What exactly have they done to deserve such a hefty pay increase? Does their intuition tells them that their move is contrary to the laws of nature and jungle?

Constructively, I don’t see any lawmaker who deserves a pay rise. As a matter of fact and to the contrary our state of economy is in tatters, the deteriorating state of our economy may not accommodate their pay increase. The budget showed that we have to borrow billions so that we reach our targets. Ironically, the government will bend low to beg for funds from donors to sustain its development initiative and yet meager salary increment for civil servants never materializes.

It is never definite that the economy that the economy is ill-cushioned to soak up this unexpected and selfish driven expenditure let alone sustaining it. Any gratuitous expenditure can only impoverish an already ailing economy.

But, their move to award themselves hefty pay pack hit a brick wall when the treasury through the finance minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, declared that there was no money to cater for the new perks. It was a tactical move by the treasury to thwart this outrageous move.

In Conclusion, this move by the lawmakers should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. It is incredulous and heartless for the lawmakers to say that they are not paid enough and that no pecuniary worth can be placed on their services they render to their constituents. It is ridiculous to hear the lawmakers complainant that their work is incomparable, as it is a well known fact that the house is constantly been hit by lack of quorum and they will skip debates on Bills that will be of beneficial to the common man.

Moreover, it makes no sense for the Parliamentary Service Commission, to come up with such a skewed process. Were they considerate these funds would be pumped into more important economic enterprises? The P.S.C may have overlooked the cost of improving the M.P.s pay when they adopted the Akiwumi report and so did M.Ps with an economy that is struggling to stay afloat and people whose tomorrow is never certain the adoption of the report was scandalous and insensitive.

They should heed the public outcry and stop this egocentric craving. The country’s economy cannot support this. And, at last we must pray for reason to prevail over greed.

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