As Kenya was celebrating it’s 46th Jamhuri day celebrations on 12th December since it attained it’s Independence, another side of the coin was unveiling itself in one of the rare occasion to ever happen in the coalition Government, the President and the prime minister, seemed like they were reading from the same script.

The on goings happened to be resurgency and a major boast for the embattled Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, who is facing an insurmountable political challenge from his opponents who are ready to pounce on him and crucify him. It was a moment of positive enlightment for the O.D.M party leader who even threw a salvo to his party opponents.

They happened to address the various hot issues which are proving to be the Subject of contenticity, which have turned out to be the thorn in the Flesh in the coalition Government as it has divided the cabinet and threatens to split O.D.M party.

So when the time presented itself and they happened to share the same platform they were almost in Unison in cutting clear the Government’s resolve in addressing these issues. There was also a strong display of Unity on efforts to conserve the crucial Mau Forest Complex as the two principals spoke with one voice on a subject that has raised political temperatures and driven ministers to radically in opposing positions.

And as has been the norm for President Kibaki, the normally uses such occasions to outline, give direction and report of the past Government’s undertakings.

In his speech the President said that, we have taken decisive measures to conserve the five main water towers of Mau, Cherangany, Mt Kenya, Elgon and Aberdare. Our aim is to ensure that forests and water catchments and properly conserved.

As a government we are determined to give our country a new constitution next year. We are committed to finding consensus and common positions on matters of national importance. Once we agree on a course of action as a government we must put all our efforts to ensure it’s realization for the benefit of all Kenyans.

The country had waited for 20 years to achieve a new constitution he asked Kenyans to give their views to the committee of experts on suggested improvements to the draft rather than engaging in divisive debate.

He also outlined his vision of what a good constitution should look like. We want a constitution that will provide the foundations for highly accountable and effective government, a highly productive and competitive economy, a society that provides equal opportunity and access to each of it’s people, a united and cohesive nation……….a constitution that will accelerate our political, economic and social development.

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