It’s now eminent that the coalition government is facing the toughest anb turbulent challenges since it’s establishment. A year has scrolled since the establishment of the grand coalition, and it hasn’t yet emerged out of the woods.

The suspicion and mistrust that characterized the coalition in it’s formative stages hasn’t calmed down.

This situation id getting out of hand because of failure by our leaders to offer leadership and they aren’t ready to carry the responsibilities that accompanies leadership, But, instead they have resulted to pointing of fingers, passing the buck and the lame excuse of how they were short changed.

Numerous corruption scandals, loss of public confidence in the government, police killings and a country where millions are in the bleak of starvation are staring and haunting the coalition government.

This Shenanigans are propping up about after the coalition government celebrated 1 year since its inception and signing of the national accord. The coalition government has trekked a rough road which was less traveled that’s full of anticlines and synclines. It was build against the major backdrop of mistrust, different divergent political views, suspicion, undermining, bickering and the more recent salvo, that O.D.M was short changed hence a need to look afresh into the accord, that’s renegotiation.

But a lot of water has passed under the bridge and several tidal waves have been tamed.

And, amidst of this rimples neither the two sides have accepted to take the blame. Pointing of fingers, passing the buck have characterized the coalition as neither the P.N.U nor O.D.M wants to take the responsibility for the poor economic growth rate and widespread unemployment among the youth.

The O.D.M side of the coalition is trying to escape from the failures of the grand coalition as they have argued that they have been pushed to the periphery by their coalition partners. But, according to most proponents they said that, yes there are failures as a result of some areas in the coalition not functioning properly, but, each leader is responsible for the failings.

And, it was in these arguments that have forced the O.D.M party to come out blazing with their cannons calling for renegotiation of the National accord. According to them they want renegotiation in the accord as they were changed by their coalition partner, P.N.U, and, that was their complainant message which they lodged.

The O.D.M party is trapped between a rock and a hard place and that’s why they’re crying foul, making noise about being short changed, But, their partner are daring them to quit the Government.

They said that after evaluating their stand on the 50-50 power sharing formula, they argued that the power was on the paper but when it comes to the real action there isn’t any power sharing, as in real sense the real power is still retained and vested in the presidency.

The O.D.M fact soldiers have been complaining that they were short changed by their coalition partners and that their leader, The Prime Minister, have been denied the real power to exercise and that on several occasions he has been undermined. According to one O.D.M Member of Parliament, they have taken stock of the 1 year in the grand coalition and there are certainly some things that have not gone well not because of O.D.M but our colleagues who seem to want everything. We cannot continue being passengers. P.N.U has pushed O.D.M to the periphery.

But, why is it that we engage in political, empty rhetoric talks instead of putting measure and laying them down to uplift the life’s of the poor Kenyan?

To most pundits, O.D.M shouldn’t be complaining as they ought to be performing their duties in the ministries they were allocated. We are challenging those who are complaining not to show the country how they had utilized the mandate they have so far to serve the people. Renegotiating the national accord isn’t the issue now with thousands of people are still in camps and millions are faced with starvation.

According to the Agricultural minister, Mr. William Ruto, all members of the government should play their role and stop passing the buck. It is the responsibility of all those in government to play their roles. If the coalition fails we have all failed and we cannot shift blame to anybody else.

But, from the look of the unfoldings it seems as if power is the real cause of our problems.

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