According to sociologists,the life is a journey which we must trek  as we try to find our treasures just like SANTIAGO,the boy,in the famous book ,THE ALCHEMIST.Life has so many dynamics,ups and downs depending on the angle and the shape it will thrust you.Sometimes it can be a blessed journey,while at times it can be so unforgiving to such an extent that it causes stresses in the journey making life so unbearable.


But,at the end of it all you must remember that in whatever situation,there is always a brighter side of life.And,the understanding that life can be painful is a very important element to appreciate happy moments.The secret to overcome misery is in accepting that this is part of life and it has it’s place.


The secret is in concentrating on the positive and not the negative and being optimistic in looking for the light at the end of the tunnel-even in the darkest hour.And,the relieve of it all is that,nobody listening to what you think is good for yourself

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