…….Talk about political realignments,coupled by heightened political activities from across the political divide in a political arena which is murky and poisoned…..

…..Talk about political realignments ,coupled by heightened political activities and engagements from across the political divide in a political arena which is murky and poisoned…..This is what we can write home about as the by line in the Kenya’s political circles.

For politics have been engaged a gear notch higher as the heightened political activities soars up as the country gears up to the next general election with the political class acting as the major players as they subterfuge the citizenry.

The ruling elites and politicians are plotting and formulating the winning formulas which will guarantee them the desired political seats they are intending to garner.Others are waiting on the fence ,throwing caution to the wind,so that they can get it right politically.They are only awaiting the bandwagon they will join according to the prevailing political whirlwind.

And,all these political activities have heightened the political scenes coupled by flurry of political engagements and activities which is causing political rimples.

Winning these political seats assures the ruling and political class the necessary leverage in these political waters;as they will remain politically relevant.And,it is in these political strategizing that makes politics and politicking to be played on it’s own pitch and quarters because political backstabbing ,undermining each other and well orchestrated propaganda meant to portray opponents in bad light are the orders of the days.

And,as it has always being a norm prior to any general election ,political realignments are always imminent as the political class plays their wild cards close to their chests so as to remain politically relevant ,which afterwards do poison the political environment.For shifting of political camps and allegiance always remains the order of the days.

Right now,the real politicking is at play with both coalitions ,that’s Jubilee and C.O.R.D playing their cards close to their chests.Each political camp is crafting ,strategizing and formulating the winning political formula to use ,and,which wild card they will unleash to their opponents.

Jubilee coalition seems to have the headstart politically for being the incumbent and they have organized themselves with well crafted political script.They have started off well ,for they are only consolidating their political bases for safe guarding ,while at the same time trying to woo the coalition of reforms and democracy {CORD} strongholds.

They are trying to craft a formidable political vehicle which will propel them and that’s why they are launching the Jubilee Alliance Party{J.A.P}. They are leaving nothing to chance. J.A.P is a conglemeration of political parties that have come together under one umbrella to form one formidable force which will be led by President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

The political parties that formed Jubilee coalition led by the main actors;that’s T.N.A and U.R.P and other small parties have decided to fold their parties and come together to form one umbrella party.

The Coalition of Reforms and Democracy{CORD} seems to be the confused lot,for it is disorganized and still grappling with the fact that they haven’t yet settled on whom within the three principals will carry the CORD’s flag.The three CORD principals seems as if they haven’t written their political script well in advance if the confusion that is being witnessed in their political camp is anything to go by.

No principal is willing to relent on his political ambition ,shelf it and step down for each other.Mistrust,disgruntlement,suspicion ,undermining and backstabbing have come to play and fuel an already ignited fire.

Mr.Odinga,who seems to be the de facto leader seems to be the frontrunner as he seem to be the one who mostly pulls the first political strings in the CORD coalition and putting into consideration what his foot soldiers are saying.

But,Mr.Musyoka and Wetangula ,aren’t holding their horses ,for they are insisting that Mr.Odinga must shelf his political ambition this time round and back either of them ,for they had endorsed him in 2013.So,in CORD ,it’s pull and pull into different directions.

And,it seems as if matters in CORD hasn’t been rosy…..a lot of rumbling happens underneath…..for this is where most political realignments are prevalent. The CORD members started rebelling from within along time ago.And,matters have being worsened by the Jubilee coalition which has of late being raiding CORD’S strongholds.For, Jubilee isn’t relenting in it’s quest to inherit the CORD’s strongholds.

Budalangi’s Member of Parliament ,Ababu Namwamba,drew the first blood when he shifted his allegiance from O.D.M ,and, drifted away to yet unknown destination.And,what followed thereafter hot on his heels ,is his western Kenyan backyard seemed also to be drifting away from O.D.M and CORD coalition so that they can chart their own destinies.

Of late ,there has been calls for western Kenya to unite and form their own political base and vehicle which is being fronted by COTU secretary General,Francis Atwoli.In their arguments on the rallying call to unite ,they are saying that the western region of Kenya has the capacity to speak with one voice and establish their own political base which they would use as a bargaining chip.

In the lower Eastern region of Kenya in Ukambani….Mr.Musyoka’s political base …..Machakos Governor,Dr.Alfred Mutua,has been giving the Wiper Democratic party leader ,Kalonzo Musyoka,sleepless nights ,due to his rising meteoric political star which is enabling him to crack into Musyoka’s political base .Thus,putting him in an awkward position in the CORD coalition.

Dr,Mutua,is making political inroads in Ukambani in a big way which is rattling Mr. Musyoka’s political base with his political furore.And,he differed with Mr Musyoka right from the word go.Dr.Mutua ,leaned more towards the Jubillee government …with the propaganda circulating that he is a jubilee mole …a move which didn’t strike the CORD coalition well of which it seemed to be his major un-doing in the coalition circles.

But,now it is imminent that Dr.Mutua is charting his own course with the formation of his own political vehicle ,”maendeleo chap chap movement” which was recently launched with fanfare and colourful pomp.And,it will certainly give Mr. Musyoka’s Wiper a run for it’s own course.He has now drifted away from Mr.Musyoka and now they will be political rivals.

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