Straight to the point- for a couple of years Kenya’s Rift Valley Province has acted like an active volcano which erupts at certain times of the year due to the high exertation of high incitements beneath this. The cyclone of tribal clashes has swept across the province’s bed for most umpteenth times, of which it culminated into one of the violent, heinous and devious tribal clashes after 2007 elections. After the signing of the National accord it was decided that the solutions of this predicaments must be resolved.

Any smoke of disquest emanating from the province or a mere mention of a likelihood of clashes sheds cold shivers down the spine of many especially those who have been affected or to those who are been regarded as outsiders of that province.

And, that’s why the recent statement that was let loose by a foreign media that militia groups in the Rift valley are arming themselves in readiness and to be alert for any eventuality come 2012, it raised hairs and must be acted upon by the government. This cannot be dismissed casually going by the past tribal clashes and animosity plus the votality of those areas. This talk of re-arming of militias should not be taken lightly because we might be trending in a thin line.

As is the norm with the government, they have dismissed such an allegation instead of carrying out an intensive intelligence investigations to confirm the authenticity of the report. That statement of denial by the government came as a surprise instead of taking up the challenge. Going by the pat occurrences and analysis, the Rift valley is a thorn in the flesh which has turned out to be the bedrock of tribal clashes and animosity of which the solutions has not yet been found.

More troubling is the Government’s claim that it is ready and well prepared to handle any occurrence of violence is rather wanting, instead of using the intelligence service to bring the planners and financiers of these militias to book. The fact that almost two years after the post election violence’s, none of the perpetrators has been brought to book and most of those arrested over some of those crimes have gone Scot free for lack of evidence thus leaves a lot of questions on integrity of some of the Government institutions.

Let the government wake up and face the reality and probe this claims of arms buying instead of issuing denials.

The post election violence’s which were mostly concentrated in the Rift Valley may have re-awakened different communities who reside there with the idea of protecting themselves. Failure by the government to respond and offer the necessary security has facilitated the idea to defend and repulse any attacks and this is is where and have prompted the militia groups to arm themselves.

After the alleged report was released a section of leaders went overboard in a denial mood, dismissing the report terming it as a totally unfounded but whether the report holds any water or not, there must be concerted effort on the part of government to protect it’s citizens from any attack like the post election violence’s which were partly blamed on ignorance and laxity on the part of government.

But, why can’t we build Kenya, our ideal state, in an ideal “Kallipolis way” as it was described by Plato, where different communities co-exist peacefully with respect, harmony and love for one another?

According to Sunday Nation’s Columnist, Gitau Warigi, he wrote that the slippery roads begins quite imperceptibly. As in reports from Rift valley, people elsewhere start arming

Themselves when they experience a threat to life and property that the state is unable to contain. Militias protect start asking themselves why they should be burdened with a national Government that cannot take care of their security.

He concludes that, that is precisely how civil wars begin. And that is how many African states have ended up been dismembered. Kenya is not unique. The recurrent history of ethnic violence has shown that the greatest threat to peace and to Kenya’s nationhood lies in the Rift valley. Nobody should mislead this country that there is any reconciliation taking shape in that province. The area reeks of deep inter-communal hatred.

And it seems as if the past election violence’s didn’t offer us a vital lesson because to most leaders instead of settling for reconciliation to different communities living in the area, they are preoccupied in fanning tribal animosity. The crowning of the tribal chiefs has worsened and aggravated the tribal animosity as different community’s belief their tribal chief’s words as if it’s the gospel truth whether it’s good or evil.

But, why is it that it’s always a challenge to African state to form an ideal good state and it’s leaders as explained by Aristotle, that every state is an association and that every association is formed with a view to some good purpose? And men do infact aim at what they think is good.

It seems like the challenge the coalition Government was tasked with, that of the reconciliation might be enormous and elusive for it to tackle.

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