The supremacy power battles between the Legislature,Judiciary,and to an extent the devolved executives…..Governors

The writings are on the wall……that the power supremacy battles are on the cards.In what appears to be a full blown power tussle between the legislature ,Judiciary ,and to an extent the devolved executives-Governors.And,the war has being declared.These arms of the government are staring at each other with none of each wanting to relent ,to hear each other,or,accomodate other views.

And,the bone of contention happens to be how they are conducting their roles as each is pointing accusing fingers to the other for encroaching in their territorial boundaries.The legislature is ignoring Court orders which are being issued by the Judiciary,while the Judiciary is being accused by the Legislature of encroaching in it’s territorial space.

In the ever-expanding supremacy battle between the legislature and Judiciary,it has reached a point where the legislature do want to curtail the Judiciary’s budget by slashing it and enacting laws that will necessitate a further vetting of Judges.Parliament in both Houses see the Judiciary as”activist” and insensitive to the principle of separation of powers ,while the Judiciary depicts Parliament as being contemptous of judicial authority and disdainful of the precept of the rule of law.

Also,both Houses do want to clip the powers of the County executives through a Bill which has far reaching measures and recommendations.They do want to strip off the Governors of their titles,the flag they fly plus other priviliges.Also,on the cards is dividing the devolved funds into half.One half will be managed by the Governor,while the other will be managed by a board.They accuse the Governors of misusing the devolved funds of which they can’t account for,and,when summoned by the Senate’s Finance committee ,they ignore the summonses.

The whole power supremacy battle started with the impeachment of Embu Governor Mr.Martin Wambora.After a wind of change reached him that he might be impeached by his County Assembly members ,the Governor sought a refuge in the Court as he obtained a court order to stop the whole process of impeaching him.The County assembly House ignored that court order and went ahead to impeach him.

And,as per the law ,the Embu County assembly were supposed to forward their recommendations to the senate for further deliberations and recommendation on whether to impeach him ,or,let him off the hook.Also,in the Senate’s deliberations process the Governor had obtained a court order barring the Senate to deliberate on the move of impeachment,but ,the Senate ignored that court order citing separation of powers.

The Senate’s committee that was formed to look into the Embu County assembly recommendations also recommended for the Governor’s impeachment which was carried out with a majority.And,it’s this impeachment which has precipitated a clash with the arms of the government.

And,as a last resort of his manoeuvres the Governor went to the Court again in a desparate attempt to reinstate himself

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