After the formation of the grand coalition Government by the two protagonists, that’s P.N.U and O.D.M, they declared and vowed that they will bury their hatchets and differences. Having came from different background, then all over sudden they are forced by circumstances to adopt and share the same platform required a lot of perseverance and tolerance, we only hoped for the best.

But, lately, the coalition is sprouting out sparks, which are clear testimonies that the coalition is facing some serious tremors. Suspicious gazes, unveiling deadly cards against the opponents characterizes the inner fighting, and tells a lot, as this doesn’t conform to the reality, which also touches the soft under belly.

Times and times again, they have kept on reminding us and to everyone who cares to listen that they are together and they will ensure that the coalition Government will hold together and delivers what it promised. This rhetoric statements have been culminated by attendance to different homecoming parties by from across the board.

But, the sentiments that props up from these gatherings cast otherwise, as most tries to show might in their and to score politically own back guards. These outbursts have been displayed overtimes, with slight provocation, which makes us some times wonder where we are heading to, regardless of where we had come from.

These vengeances have been extended to the floor of the parliament.
Some weeks ago, after moving of what they referred to as a successful censorship motion against the former finance minister, the group which is being led by, Buda Lang: M.P, Ababu Namwamba, have proposed and outlined their next course of action and areas they do consider as targets.

If you try to unfold this shenanigan they are trying to roll out, you only reads a sinister motive behind these crusaders. If you had followed the censorship motion in parliament closely and how it was moved even without producing enough evidence to back their calls.
The majority of the crusaders were good in heckling than content and material. Infant, they were not talking about the Grand regency
“Inner facets” but confining themselves instead to generalities, banalities, double-speak and assumed passion to physically fight corruption really hard.

After the fight, many of them appeared tired and empty with their historic barbing.
Going by the footing the top proponents of this crusade have adopted it seems like the whole affair is and orchestrated and well choreographed plan, to blackmail some people. It’s quite unfortunate that it has taken a tribalistic angle and it seems as if some people are holding grudges, and vindictiveness’.
And, to sum up again their character in parliament showed the resolve of their post election vengeance and activism.
These debates is running co-currently with the succession politics which is starting to take shape in earnest. Having the fact that president Kibaki is serving his last term, a lot of gambling and mind games are taking shape underground, as each politician tries to gravite himself as the most likely candidate to succeed the mantle.

Each and every tribe, party and regions are trying to find their king spin who would lead them. The politicians are having a field day as they are ranting at whatever they want say as they try to seek political mileages.

It was also on that regard, the president, the vice-president, prime minister called for a close to the succession debate because it’s hampering the growth of the economy and also its bombarding people into an election mood which isn’t conducive.

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