To any ambitious civil servant the dream of been a chief executive of a government institution or a state corporation do does ring a bell in one of his achievements. Heading a state corporation or any other key government institution is a dream job of any career civil servant and it’s regarded as a big honour and reward for the well done job.

But this turns out to be wishful thinking and a pipe dream because these jobs are total reserves to the very influential and politically well connected figures who are ready to the play ball of the elites. These plum jobs acts as rewards for political patronages to the ruling political elite cronies, behest as political power barons. And, according to rumours which make rounds in the inner circles of the civil service, is that if there’s one job that is stressful, mind boggling and where one works under duress close scrutiny, then it’s hard to head the institutions.

This is so because one morning you can just wake up top find your job has been terminated and from that moment your career can take a nose dive. One work at the whims and mercy of the appointing authority, carefully maneuvering to avoid stepping on toes of the political god fathers. This is coupled by the constant meddling of by the ministers, permanent secretaries who do all call the shots.

A case in point that is been told tells of a former senior government official who served in the former regime. He had spent the better part of the day with his boss making a few appointments, reshuffles and sackings little did he know that he will be the first, major casualty. In those days the 1 o’clock news bulletin acted like real shockers and was awaited in awe and tensions which sent cold shivers down the spine of senior government officials because that’s which most of them failed the sack.

And, this is Kenyan politics which just amazes like the broth that surrounds Saturn. When political shenanigans infiltrates into anything whether it is politically correct or was transparent in its own way and meaning, then expect it to stumble.

Take the recent controversial sacking of the embattled chief executive of the Kenya bureau of standard, Mr. Kioko Manjeli. The controversiality and behind the scenes maneuvers that led to the sackings of the embattled chief executive portrays a rather weak structural laws that governs this state corporations and institutions. Their management are a bit wanting. As for Mr. Ringera, he may have exited out of the office, but the million dollar question still lingers, about the institutions operations, how they are governed and their accountability.

But, how safe are our governing institutions and state corporations from political intrigues and inefficient personalities? Are the laws that govern them bold enough to protect these institutions and corporations, spare them from outside meddling by the ruling political elites? Can they run transparently and uphold accountability without flouting any laid down rules?

Despite the legislation of different acts of parliament that controls these institutions and corporations they have been cited as too weak, reliant and full of loopholes which have been passed on by time of which it needs total overhaul and reformation. And, the point we must make is this, if we want to run this institutions and state corporations efficiently, we must go back to the idea of introducing a completely new corporate governance system.

But, failure by the political class to offer the necessary political will to completely metamorphorsize to total reformation and adapt to time changes has failed. The parliament has failed to legislate laws that will make these institutions and state corporations independent and be governed by their unique code of laws. Today they run, operate and work at the whims of the executive.

They don’t run as it is stipulated and mandated by the law because they have been turned into safe havens rewards by the ruling political elites, where they have filled their cronies, this is sabotaging their running and operations. And this is where the vice of corruption thrives, which culminates to running down of these institutions and corporations by these individuals who are neither accountable nor answerable to anyone because they act as point men’s for these so called political god fathers.

Accountability is an alien notion in these corporations and institutions and that’s why the culture of impunity is so widespread. This is coupled by a massive bureaucracy with political intrigues and historical inefficiency.

But, why don’t the parliament legislate laws that will govern these state corporations and institutions to enhance efficiency, promote their running to run professionally and transparently where accountability will be a key factor and a driving force?

Weak relient and loop holed laws have roved to be a major hindrance to the running of these key institutions. Also, these “Parent ministry” idea should be dropped and meddling ministers, permanent secretaries kept away from the affairs of these institutions and state corporations.

So it is high time our leadership shunned cheap myopic politics and embraces some semblance of good governance and an appetite for reforms in the quest to recapture our lost reputation. We must come out strongly and confront key issues facing our country head on and with outmost commitment.

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