The standard gauge Railway line debate:Audit mega projects to ensure accountability to the public

Now this debate has gone beyond the circles creating an aura of suspicion which the citizenry are suspicious of the government.The intended construction of standard gauge railway line project has being politicized to such an extent that it has raised dust and before it settles a blanket of mist have covered it .The citizenry don’t know where the truth lies ,who is telling the truth and what is unfolding ,they are confused.

But,is there any behind the scenes underhand dealings concerning this mega standard gauge railway line project which has caused alot of criticism from various quarters ;that it is riddled with corruption?The whole saga hasn’t unfolded well to that extent that the whole truth can prevail to clear any doubts.

This mega standard gauge railway line project has created a concern among the citizenry in which the critics of the project are arguing that the price of the project has being skyrocketed .Led by Nandi hills Member of Parliament ,Alfred Keter ,who has being vocal in criticising the project has voiced a deep concern about the project while calling for it’s thorough audit

And,different crusaders have called for thorough scrutiny so as to audit the project’s viability so that we can protect the taxpayer from incurring unnecessary expenses and get the value of their money without being swindled .

The President has come out strongly to defend the mega project proclaiming that it won’t stop and it will proceed to it’s logical conclusion.Even the top government officials have also defended the project.

But,the blame lies squarely on the government’s doorstep for it hasn’t come out clearly to convince the citizenry that the project isn’t riddled with corruption per se,and, any mischievious deeds behind the project will be properly audited to correct the anomaly .The government should be bold enough to clear the air on this wholesome project and ensure transparency prevails to avoid any speculation .It also needs to address the negative repercussions of cancellation of such a mega tender.

The government should instill confidence on the Kenyan citizenry by auditing mega projects to ensure accountability to the public.The decision by the Jubilee government to complete projects inherited from the previous administration is quite in order.Conventional wisdom demands that there be continuity in the activities of government .This ensures projects initiated are concluded.Otherwise the country would have many “white elephants”.

Continuity notwithstanding ,the government of the day has a constitutional duty to guarantee the citizens value for money.All projects funded by the taxpayer must undergo a thorough due diligence .Thorough scrutiny is the only assurance that the projects serve the best interests of the wananchi. Kenya is known for mega projects which have served as conduits for corruption .Will the Jubilee government hear concerns raised and scrutinize the mega railway project?.

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