…..Spousal marriage killings:Why are spousal marriages and love relationships ending in disarray to the extent that couples and lovers are conspiring to kill and hurt their lovers?……

………Has our Kenyan society gone to the dogs in terms of moral values….following the macabre murders that have been committed on the Kenyan citizenry,which we are witnessing in spousal marriages and love-hate relationships? This is the question we are asking ourselves as Kenyan citizenry because hardly a day passes without news of serial killings in spousal marriages and love relationships.

It is a shocking trend which is entrenching in our society of which is turning out to be an everyday engagement if the reports and incidents we are witnessing are anything to go by.Marriage experts have cited hopelessness,failed dreams,stress and misplaced priorities for the string of murders in spousal marriages and love relationships.

And,recently Kenyans were utterly shocked following the henous macabre killing of a fresh graduate young woman who was murdered by her lover.It was reported that a 22 year old woman who recently graduated at Kenyatta University was killed in a rented apartment in Kahawa wendani where she lived with her lover.

Ms.Edina Nyaida was stabbed several times in the stomach with a kitchen knife .Her 30 year old lover is suspected of committing the offence.

Also,it was on the same take that i experienced my first hand experience of the shenanigans of spousal marriages and love-hate relationships killings in the recent past.My two former high school colleagues were caught up in these cross-fire of spousal marriage and love-hate relationships killings where they were at the receiving end and suffered the same fate…..they were killed in cold blood.

Although they lived in different localities they experienced almost the same fate ,after they were waylaid and abducted,then killed and thereafter their bodies dumped. From experiences that emerged from both incidents ,it transpired that these two guys were held and caged in a hate and sour relationships.And,accusing fingers were pointing to their estranged wives.

But,why are spousal marriages and love relationships ending in disarray to the extent that couples and lovers are conspiring to hurt and kill their loved ones?And,why are these brutal killings in spousal marriages and love relationships increasing with each an every passing day?

Methinks that something isn’t adding up in these spousal marriages and love relationships if the high number of murders that are associated with marriages and love relationships are anything to go by. Everyday we are treated with bizarre news of how a husband killed his wife by slitting her throat,or,how a woman conspired with hit men and killed her husband.

These killings are portraying a society that is heading to the dogs in terms of moral values .We don’t have the respect for the sanctity of life,nor,do we respect the tentacles of the marriage institution to those who have taken the marriage vows.And,the extent at which estranged married couples are going at length to kill,or,conspire to harm their lovers betrays our ineptitude and it is worrying.

According to University of Nairobi,Lecturer ,Ken Ouko,he blames the upsurge of spousal killings on devaluation of human life,poor courtship that locks unfamiliar partners together in doomed matrimony , and, stress and frustrations of marital life.

“Many married people are so frustrated in their marriages but can’t leave because of children ,or,fear of social stigma.One day,they will reach a breaking point ,pick a knife and kill the spouse.The quiet ones,who are church going and non-violent ,are the type that when frustrations reaches a point they can’t take anymore ,will resort to deadly violence”,he asserts.

Criminal lawyer,Cliff Ombeta,says that most cases of spousal killings are usually instantaneous .”In very few occasions will you get that a man/woman planned to have the partner killed.In most cases ,they are usually crimes of passion that happens without forethought ,or,planning.

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