Security;Is the new administration up to the challenge of securing our country?

Even before the new Jubilee government settles down to business and to take the stock of the government operations ,and,even before they do realign themselves and not even a cabinet secretary who will head the security docket has being appointed ,the new government is being confronted by raising cases of rampant crime in most parts of the country.This insecurity in the country is proving to be the new boil and a major headache that is crippling the new administration of which they must confront it head on.

The latest cases of insecurity in Busia,Bungoma,Mandera,Nairobi and Tana river where citizenry were killed proves to a real pointer that our country is grappling with a security threat which might derail the country’s operations.And,despite much assurance by the Inspector-General of Police that the police service is up to the task of containing this runaway insecurity ,the situation on the ground in these hotspot areas remains volatile.

Insecurity in the country is one of the major headache any government of the day has to contend with and confront,and,how hard they try to find a solution to it ,it always comes to a cropper.The police are always caught flat footed by new crime waves.It is a quagmire of a riddle which successive governments haven’t addressed fully over the years.

And,it is disheartening to note that at this time and age in the 21st century the citizenry continue to lose their lives due to rising cases of insecurity.Criminal gangs have being staging daring robberies leaving a trail of destructions and deaths.And,the funny part of it is that nobody is held to account as suspects do roam scot free.

It goes against the grain if a country is unable to assure and guarantee it’s citizenry the necessary security.The clouds of insecurity are hovering in our country which showcases the rot beneath the society,despite having a government in place with it’s security agencies and apparatus.But,according to President Uhuru Kenyatta ,the government will make every effort to address runaway insecurity .He pledged to support police to effectively enforce law and order.

The raising cases of insecurity in Busia,Bungoma,Mandera and Nairobi sends a chilling message that our country is insecure.The killings in these hotspot areas are the latest in a string of bad news for the new administration that has been trying to get a largely under-resourced and unresponsive police service to tame runaway crime.

Reports that politicians may be behind these vicious conflict in Bungoma are frightening ,and,require quick and decisive action.Police investigators says the violence has being sponsored by some politicians with the intention of buttressing their supremacy .Clearly using violence to score political goals is myopic ,ill-informed and retrogressive.

Whereas it is the duty of the government of the day to secure the country ,protect it’s people and guarantee them a friendly environment to conduct their business and daily engagements peacefully,now it seems as if these right can’t be guaranteed if the current situation is anything to go by.

Although the constitution has laid emphasis on security making it a right by itself, which is to be enjoyed by the citizenry and the government of the day has an obligation to render it ,it now seems as if it is getting out of hand.

But,is the new administration up to the challenge of securing our country?The solution to this question will largely depend on how the government handles the security and it’s relation to the citizenry.

For a long time ,the public and the have put the police force under performance pressure due to the rising insecurity in the country.I agree that the police have a vital role to play in security matters but their efforts can be rendered fruitless due to lack of proper support in their operations.

In these case ,support comes from both the government and public.It ranges from financial resources and cooperation from citizenry.Police need to be appreciated enough so that they can be motivated to do their work.Theirs is not a job for the faint hearted

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