…..The Secondary School unrest:It is an undeniable fact that the current wave of unrest in secondary schools has reached an alarming proportion……

………It is an undeniable fact that the current wave of unrest in secondary schools has reached an alarming proportion.Hardly a day passes without reports that property worth millions of shillings has been reduced to ashes in one high school ,or,another.
These secondary schools unrest have hit the low ebb.And,it is as if it is unison call that is spreading for burning of secondary schools.In virtually all these incidents,schools dormitories and classes have borne the brunt of the students’ rage.

And,even before the dust settles down ,more schools continue to go up in flames bringing the number of schools that have being burnt to more than 70 since January.

This burning of school properties and unrest have hit the major headlines with the news received by the society with utter shock and are wondering what is transpiring.The society is asking too many questions regarding the on going secondary schools unrest which are characterised by burning of school properties.

Several schools in almost 20 counties have being closed down indefinitely due to student’s unrest.And,the hardest hit are the county schools.It seems as if it is a continuation of what has become the norm in secondary schools in second term where unrest are the order of the times

But ,the million question still begs,what’s the root cause of these secondary school unrest?

According to Cabinet Secretary for Education,Dr.Fred Matiang’i,he has shifted the blame on the on going wave of school unrest to Headteachers .He told the senate committee on Education ,chaired by ,Daniel Karaba ,that investigations had revealed that schools affected by unrest lacked coherent and focused structures for engagement with the management in schools as well as lack of harmony between some principals ,their deputies and teachers.

“The ministry of Education is in the process of reviewing legislation that governs the education sector,including teachers.There is need for better coordination and collaboration between Teachers service commission and the ministry on how teachers are managed,”he said.

He also noted that weak supervisions and quality assessment of schools ,drugs and substance abuse,political and socio economical rivalries at school level were to blame for the school unrest.

But,what is the root cause of these secondary school unrest and what is the solution to these menace?

Methinks that this is not time to bury our heads in the sand .In fact,it is time parents,teachers and students sat and interrogate each other on the real causes of this sad state of affairs.There is simply no room for complacency.

Sadly,since our children continue to witness ugly incidents such as murders,bloody demonstrations and confrontations,hooliganism,debauchery,drunkness,assault,terrorism,inflammatory and reckless statements,corruption and infidelity in our society,there is likelihood of them trying to replicate them in schools.

The moral degradation and bankruptcy in our society has profoundly contributed to the current school unrest.It is saddening that most of our graduates are only book smart ,but,are bereft of morals.

The root cause of the unrest and arson can be traced to the abominable and abhorrent acts that are taking place in our society daily.

According to the Catholic Church ,it has called for dialogue among learners and school administrators to avert more incidents of school unrest.

The Kenya conference of Catholic Bishops ,through it’s commission for Education and Religious Education has called on administrators to build humane school communities that encourage interaction ,positive relationships and open channels of communication.

“Learning institutions must foster dialogue between young learners and all education stakeholders even as they strictly supervise school facilities,”said Rt,Rev Maurice muhatia,who chairs the commission.

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