In the recent couple of weeks some intriguing headlines have graced our media outlets. These headlines have been met with mixed reactions by the Kenyan people who have vented their anger and with amazement towards our political leaders who for quite a long time have been courting themselves as leaders.

According to Daily Nation’s recent news headlines which has sufficed and in a quick glance, read in part, that, “Maize cartels to blame for food insecurity”, “C.I.D probes the maize scam”. These headlines tell a lot that corrupt deals have been going on in the ministries of agriculture and energy, especially in the sub sector of maize and oil.

A ring of cartels seems to have ruined havoc in these sub sectors and profiteer themselves at the expense of the poor and starving Kenyans.

And, just in total comparison with another headline which quoted the government declaring the current famine as a National disaster. The government was appealing for aid to the tune of Shs. 37 billion to enhance it feed it’s 10 million starving Kenyans.

These headlines seem to be too contrasting and ironical, and anybody reads the detailed accounts of these corrupt deals, and how these politicians are reaping where they didn’t sow and how they are profiteering themselves at the expense of poor Kenyans who are at the brisk of starvation. You only pray to the Almighty God to help them cleanse their rotten minds.

These corrupt irregular and illegal deals have occasioned the skyrocketing of prices of various commodities that are of basic necessity to the common man.

These illegal transactions are happening in total disregard and against a major backdrop of a looming famine which is already affecting the country. The various reported cases of hunger in different parts of the country are tearful, in bad taste and exposes the sorry state in which our country is in. This famine was necessited by the massive crop failure which gripped most parts due to shortage of rain, post election violence’s and skyrocketing prices of farm inputs which are mostly out of reach to most farmers.

But, why is it that in everything we undertook , engage or in our systems of governance, they are dogged by corrupt , illegal transactions, despite there being laid down procedures and rules to be adhered to, of which are done at the expense of the poor Kenyans?

Scandals, scandals seems to have entrenched in our thinking, practices, act’s and its quietly becoming one of the virtues in the Kenyan culture. Our political leaders for long have been impregnated with this evil of corruption without caring about Kenyans.

The Grand coalition government which has goodwill of fighting corruption exposes a soft underbelly which is susceptible to illegal transactions. These scandals have exposed the so called grand coalition Government as composed of ferociously greed cabals. The tripartite Government composed of tribal chiefs is busy sharing spoils. It’s becoming more of a grand collusion than anything else.

The reported cases of corruption in the Government will pre-empt everything that the government intends to do. It seems as if the batch of cartels who are politicians in total disguise of cartels have vowed to devour and reap from the poor Kenyans. These scandals have trespassed despite there been laid down procedures and rules to be adhered to which tells a lot that senior government officials involved in this well coordinated saga.

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