The occasion was the homecoming party for the prime minister, Hon Raila Odinga, at his ancestral home in Bondo, Nyanza province, which was graced by the top O.D.M cabinet ministers and members of parliament.


The prime minister had planned the event to thank his people who stood and voted for by him and his party and to celebrate his appointment as one-second prime- minister.


But, as has been the norm in Kenya and a rejoinder of what happens during such rallies where politicians are known to pour out and squeeze dirty lines in the public, raise hullabaloos of what they think and roll out what they think can seek a political mileage regardless of it’s consequences and the underlying factor.


It was at that occasion when one such a blasphemous utterance was fronted by one cabinet minister, William Ruto, when he was addressing that rally, when he made a rallying call for the release of the post election violence suspects.  He went on to stress that there cant be peace and reconciliation when those who caused the violence and made the grand coalition happen, are languishing in remands and police cells


His sentiments were second in a row, after he had made another rallying call earlier before in front of the president during a reconciliatory rally in Rift valley, at his own backyard.


Mr. Ruto has been backed by his Rift valley M.Ps as they have went a step further to petition the prime minister to intervene in their call for amnesty for people arrested in relation to the post election violence.


But, it is in order for Mr. William Ruto and his colleagues to call for the release of the post election violence suspects unconditionally without them facing the judicial process? And, what is this underlying factor that makes Mr. Ruto and co. to frequent call for the unconditionally release of this suspects which are totally unfounded.


Mr. Ruto must know and he knows that those suspects committed crime against humanity and they must face the full force of the law.


The judicial process must take its course so as justice can be done.


There’s no option of amnesty for perpetrators of the post election violence as said by the justice minister, Martha Karua.

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