………The Rogue Pastor, “Dr” David Kariuki Ngari,a.k.a, “Gakuyo”, and, his Ekeza Sacco shenanigans……Armed with a Bible, an eager congregation and a shining pulpit to boot, had the right political connections and a well oiled public relation campaigns, “Gakuyo” managed to snare the unsuspecting poor Kenyans by convincing them to join Ekeza Sacco……

……..As popular sayings say….if the deal is too good, think twice……and, in every cloud, there’s a silver lining in it.

And, just like the aftermath of a raging storm which leaves a trail of destruction and cries on its way, this is what we can equate concerning the recent unfolding detailed open fraud that was orchestrated by the renowned televangelist, turned, politician,” Dr.” David Kariuki Ngari, a.k.a “Gakuyo”, where he managed to fleece and con peasant Kenyans off their hard earned monies.

The affected are reeling the after effects of being defrauded their life savings which happened to vanish in the thin air. And, our news item was awashed with this unfolding drama detailing how poor gullible Kenyans were fleeced and conned their hard earned cash by this man of GOD who had sworn by the BIBLE.

It is emerging how this rogue preacher nicknamed “Gakuyo” used the BIBLE to con 78,000 peasants a whopping Kshs.1.5 Billion. And, it is shocking that this rogue pastor used the BIBLE to swindle poor Kenyans.

Armed with a Bible, an eager congregation and a shining pulpit to boot, had the right political connections and a well oiled public relation campaigns, “Gakuyo” managed to snare the unsuspecting poor Kenyans by convincing them to join Ekeza Sacco where they were to save little amounts of money and at the end of it all they would manage to buy their own homes and prime land.

And, well versed and scripted were these public relation campaigns that at the end of it all it had attracted droves of poor gullible Kenyan investors who had bought his idea and they registered in big numbers while making their hard-earned deposits to actualize their dreams.

But, to their disappointments, at the end of it all and whats’ unfolding now…talk about a well calculated and orchestrated amaster plan that was meant to fleece the poor Kenyans off their life savings.

That plan just vaporized in the thin air and details have emerged of how this rogue televangelist preacher siphoned close to Kshs.1.5 Billion that belonged to 78,000 members of Ekeza Sacco, mostly poor peasant investors.

And, just like the rock python that seethes its way towards its’ unsuspecting prey…..then attacks and strangles it, killing it softly, then swallows it slowly…….this is what we can relate to “Dr.” David Kariuki Ngari. He is a renowned preacher, who stole from the peasants using the Holy Book…..the BIBLE.

That’s Bishop Gakuyo and his vehicle ….Ekeza Sacco….for you who engineered a well versed, scripted and choreographed fraud that was designed to fleece the poor Kenyans off their hard earned cash.

According to investigations, Gakuyo unlawfully transferred about Kshs. 1.5 Billion to the accounts of Mr. Kariuki’s Gakuyo Real Estate, where he is the Managing Director and his wife a Co-director.

Gakuyo is said to have used the poor peasants’ billions to enrich himself and upgrade his lifestyle by buying prime properties for his family and boosting his struggling Real Estate firm.

But, why is it that Kenyans continue to be conned and fleeced their life savings at this day and age without prior alerts from the government? Why do they keep on falling into the prey often where they end up losing their hard earned life savings to fraudsters? And, why is the government failing in its’ job of protecting and safeguarding its citizens from these marauding fraudsters?

Methinks, it is sad to see poor people wake up early in the morning to walk long distances and spend the whole day in jua kali businesses only for the fruits of their labor to end up in smoke.

Every now and then, people fall prey to collapsed Saccos losing all their savings. Saccos are started and unsuspecting Kenyans are asked to join. After the Saccos have milked money from the savers, they suddenly collapse.

Many victims follow up their earned life savings in vain. And, it seems as if Saccos and land have become the new frontiers where fraudsters are targeting the poor Kenyans.

And, the government should come up with strict laws, or, policies that will oversee these areas of concern. The founders and directors should be forced to compensate the savers in case of collapse

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