Until when shall our roads become secure ;where driver are competent ,and,traffic enforcers do enforce traffic rules?

The ghost that keeps on haunting us has turned it’s ugly head again ,and,claimed it’s share.And,that ghost happens to be the road carnages which are claiming Kenyan lifes everyday at an alarming rate.Our roads have turned out to be the slaughter houses where human lifes are lost.

The rising number of fatal road accidents is worrying,and,it’s demanding an action to curb the slaughter .In Kenya,if statistics are anything to go by,it has it that more than 3000 people die annually due to these road accidents.However ,thousands more die at home,in hospital and enroute to hospital ,or,are maimed for life.At this rate ,in the next few years ,road accidents will claim as many lives as HIV,AIDS,malaria and tuberculosis.

On August 29,in Ntulele,along Maai mahiu-Narok road,a fatal road accident happened ,when a bus veered off the road and rolled several times and claimed 41 lifes.And ,according to accounts of what transpired before the accident it was reported that the bus was overloaded while at the same time overspeeding.

It’s a pity as a nation to lose such kind of lifes in this day and age,in a way which can be prevented in the first place.As a nation we are reactive instead of being proactive in our policies.And,it’s a horrible situation because these accidents are claiming lifes at an alarming rate and nothing is being done ,nor,addressed by the relevant government bodies who are mandated to enforce them.

It is often said that these accidents do not happen by accident.Accidents are caused by carelessness.And,excessive overspeeding is the leading contributor to road accidents in Kenya.Also,overloading,unroadworthy public service vehicles driven by unqualified ,careless,overworked,tired and drunken drivers plays a major role in causing these accidents.

The rot in our roads was best highlighted in one of our local dailies recently where it was reported of an existing cartel on the roads ,which involves policemen,public service vehicle owners and drivers where traffic enforcers are bribed to compromise road rules which at the same time puts the safety of passengers at risk

But,the million dollar question still begs,until when shall our roads become secure,where drivers will be competent and traffic enforcers do enforce traffic rules?

The day we will take responsibility for our lives and lives of passengers,pedestrians and make conscious decision to drive responsibly will usher in a new chapter in our roads.It is important that we all realise that road safety is everybody’s business ,and,we should all play a role in curbing road carnages .The police also need to be stringent in their enforcement strategies

The traffic police department advises that if we simply reduce the speed at which we drive,we will reduce the likelihood and severity of an accident.Reducing the severity of a crash means less severity of injuries.It means a life saved ,not lost.But,instead we sometimes revel at how fast friends drive,or,how fast one can drive their car on our newly built superhighways.

How many of us see speeding as a thrill ,or,as the solution for making up for a poorly planned day?How many of us pay attention to the speed limit signs on our roads?

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