……..The Rising suicide cases….a trend which is worrying….Why is Kenyan sinking deep into oblivion in their lives by resulting to committing suicide?…..

……….The rising suicide cases……a trend which is worrying……Why is Kenyan sinking deep into oblivion in their lives by resulting to committing suicide? What’s pushing them to the brink of contemplating suicide to end their lives as the last resort? Why are they ending their lives in one of the most dehumanising and unnatural ways which are even condemned in the BIBLE of which is regarded as a bad omen in most African societies? And, why is it so prevalent nowadays and how depressed and stressed are we to lead destitute lives?

This is the reality which we are facing as Kenyan society which has taken a worrying trend. It is a fact that most Kenyan are depressed and desperate, thus are being pushed to the brink of committing suicide, or, attempting one.

And, these rising suicide cases are driving the point home as it was observed by Thoreau, who said that, “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.

According to a World Health Organisation report, it reveals that for every 40 seconds one person dies in the world due to suicide and that the majority of the victims are youths. In their 2003 research report showed that there are more suicide cases among males compared to females.

Kenya is ranked sixth with the highest number of depression cases among African countries by the World Health Organisation report. It says that Kenya loses about 7,128 people to suicide-related deaths annually, while survivors are about 142,560.

But, the million dollar question still begs…..Why are Kenyans committing suicide in droves? What is pushing them to an extent of contemplating suicide as their resort instead of seeking help? And, how can we contain this worrying trend which is ravaging the poor Kenyans to their early graves? What could be some of the predisposing factors to this worrying trend?

Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one’s own life. It is associated with mental disorders such as depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug abuse.

Methinks that unresolved depression and the desperate situation most people find themselves in has been cited as the major causes of suicide. Most people feel depressed and stressed when faced with life’s challenges and end up committing suicide when they feel overwhelmed.

And, it is quite clear that the Kenyan citizenry is a depressed and stressed lot. We have so many quiet desperate people in our society who are suffering silently and who are spared by the pangs of everyday tough and trying times.

According to the Officer in charge of Mental Promoters and Substance Abuse Management at the Ministry of Health, Dr Catherine Mutisya, she says that “suicide is preventable and can be reduced and even be eliminated through counselling, family support, and treatment. She further points out that 90 percent of suicide cases are due to stress, depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, frustration and mental illness”.

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