The rising cases of rampant Insecurity

If there’s one anathema that has affected our society in the recent times,then it is the rampant insecurity.It has become a thorn in the flesh in our society and the nation at large ,of which it has shaken our core roots.And,at all times the government always fails to tackle it due to misplaced policies and strategy.It is a major headache to any serving government ,and,woe unto it if they don’t resolve this problematic thorn.

And,despite the machinery and personnel in the government’s possession ,the government is always caught napping by various emerging security threats.This is negatively undermined by the crippled police service which lost it’s glory and footing long time ago ,coupled by the fact that it’s poorly remunerated ,equiped, accomodated and has a laxity.Their morale are at their lowest ebb where some rogue officers have been accused for involvement in violent armed robberies.

Good security is a major factor that necessitates the growth of any country if it’s security well secured and guaranteed.Well secured security offers a conducive environment for any business and any other development.And,the issue of insecurity has been debated ,talked and discussed in roundtable strategic meeting with amicable solutions been found,but,despite all these recommendations to solve the issue ,it still becomes problematic.The solution seems elusive despite concerted efforts to contain it.

And,the major recommendation was the much taunted police reforms as envisioned in the constitution .But,these reforms seems to have stalled and the service that was to be given a new lease of life,a baptismal of fire is in tatters.They can’t contain this insecurity scourge.

The modern society and Kenya we are living in now isn’t safe anymore due to threats of insecurity.Each an every corner of the Republic is grappling with it’s own share of insecurity.The citizenry are sending alarms because they aren’t safe anymore ,can’t live peacefully,nor,conduct their daily engagements in a well secured conducive environment .Even those posh estates that were considered to be safe havens aren’t safe anymore if the recent armed robberies are anything to go by.

Carjackings,armed robberies were armed gangsters break into houses ,kidnap to demand ransoms,or,do held their hostages at gun point are orders of the days.And,not forgetting the rising terrorism threats which is gaining prominence among muslim youths.

The issue of insecurity is one hot issue that needs to be addressed fully and promptly by the national government.And,the government needs to use all it’s machinery ,resources and personnel at it’s disposal to contain this scourge.

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