Is it the ripe moment to conduct the national referendum as demanded by CORD coalition?

Is it the ripe moment to conduct the national referendum as it is demanded by the CORD coalition? And,of what good will the referendum serve the Kenyan,what will it address ,and,will it over solutions to our myriad of problems ?Or,is it a political tactic meant to leverage certain political interests?

According to the CORD coalition leaders ,they are now agitating for a national referendum over the 13 pointer issues they raised and said it’s affecting the Kenyan citizenry.They said that they abandoned their rallying call for the national dialogue ,and,they are now tuning the tune of the national referendum because it is provided for in the constitution.

The CORD coalition leaders are pushing for a referendum on insecurity ,corruption,high cost of living,among other issues.

After the Jubilee government ignored the CORD coalition over the national dialogue ,the CORD coalition have changed tactics and shifted the gears to see if the Kenyan citizenry might back them in their quest.They want to convince the masses to back their call on referendum.Their strategy is to collect a million signatures to convince the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission ,Parliament and County assemblies to petition the President to call the referendum through the popular vote initiative.

According to the experts they chose to lead them ,they have chosen to exploit the “popular initiative” provision in the constitution to force through the vote without it having to battle with Jubilee’s “tyranny of numbers” in the National Assembly and Senate.Using the provision ,the opposition will have to collect at least 1 million signatures and get support from at least 24 county assemblies.

Since the return of Raila ,the CORD coalition has heightened their political activities to a higher notch.From the demand of a national dialogue to referendum.Methinks that Raila is trying to create a platform which he can use to leverage in terms of his political strategies.So he want to capitalize and strategize on any move that will help him attain his goal.Also,he wants to keep his fanatical fans engaged.

Just like he did in 2005 referendum which ushered him to a higher political ladder ,methinks this is what he is trying to replicate.

But,the million dollar question is,what is this referendum all about? What will it achieve ,address,or,resolve?And,is the country ready for another round of electioneering mood in the name of referendum?

Any political activity that creates a mood of electioneering in the country sends cold shivers down the spines of most Kenyans and puts the country in a delicate position as it polarises it.And,as a country we are still reeling from the aftermath of the 2007/8 post election chaos,and,not forgeting that as a country we haven’t yet settled from the effects of the 2013 elections

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