…………….The renewed fight against mega corruption……..it seems as if a new momentum has gained pace in the fight against corruption………

……….The renewed fight against mega corruption……..it seems as if a new momentum has gained pace in the fight against corruption. A new chapter is been rewritten in the fight against corruption. And, heads are now rolling which were untouchable before.

President Kenyatta seems to have gained a new synergy in tackling this deep-rooted and entrenched corruption which has engulfed our systems of governance. He is charting into uncharted waters which at times have a habit of fighting back because it involves powerful, untouchable and well-oiled corrupt cartels.

And, watching senior government officials been hauled in Courts to face corruption charges is applaudable and a right move in the right direction which is meant to contain this rampant runaway corruption. The era of sacred cows in the Government is nearing its sunset days and it will be a thing of the past if the pace which has been initiated is anything to go by.

Also, the public institutions that are mandated by the constitution to fight corruption seem to have reawakened and have found the right footing and they are performing their homework accordingly if the corruption charges they have preferred against senior government officials are anything to go by.

The offices of Director of Public Prosecutions, and, Directorate of Criminal Investigations have reawakened to take their rightful places in the fight against corruption. These two crucial institutions act as the catalysts for muting corruption. Directorate of Criminal Investigations investigates, while the Director of Public Prosecutions prosecutes those cases that have been investigated; it is their core mandates.

Since President Kenyatta reshuffled the holders of these two key institutions it seems as if they have breathed a new lease of life. Now they are up to the task they were mandated to perform. They are focused in their core mandates as they have unblocked the systems and the flow has gained pace and new momentum.

And, as a nation we must not lose the focus, nor, relent on this renewed synergy of tackling and fighting this deep-rooted corruption which has engulfed the government. At all costs and in whatever levels of governance, the fight against corruption must be won. We must devise watertight stop-gap measures that are meant to deter these corrupt deals in the Government.

According to Daily Nation columnist, Mutuma Mathiu, while commenting on this issue of corruption wrote that the fight against corruption is entering a decisive phase; the swollen ranks of corruption are massed, armed and pumped up. As usual, corruption is well resourced, clever and massively motivated. If President Kenyatta loses his nerve and tries to protect allies and favourites, then the war will be lost.

If Mr Kenyatta and his allies get to a point where they believe the stability of government depends on “going easy ” on graft, the opportunity to do good will be forever lost and, maybe, so will his grip on power.

He concludes that Kenya is slowly but certainly losing the race of progress in the region to actions that are better organized. Fighting corruption is no longer a luxury, favour, or, act of generosity; it is an existential necessity.

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