What is the relationship between the Kenyan citizenry,the Leadership and Government in relation to the International Criminal Court issue?

What is the relationship between the Kenyan citizenry,it’s government in relation to the International criminal court issue?What are they making of the Court at the end of it all?What future does the court has in the Kenyan context while putting into consideration the fact that it’s objective has created a wedge among the Kenyan citizenry?And,how will the court reinvent itself and assert itself against the accusations of impartiality,selective, and, biased justice? Is it a puppet of the west?

To the Kenyan citizenry and African at large the International criminal court is a tool that has been manipulated by the western nations to instil neo-colonialism.The Court continues to be accused of applying selective justice,shoddy investigations,while turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the atrocities that are committed by the super power nations.

And,if there’s one issue that has preoccupied the subject of discussions,radio talkshows ,bar and salon talks and news print headlines ,and,is proving to be an anathema to the Kenyan citizenry,politics and leadership,then it is the International criminal court’s Kenyan cases.These cases have preoccupied our psyches and discussions to such an extent that it was one of the rallying call factor at the March 4 general election.To the politicians the March 4 general election was a referendum against the International criminal court as Kenyans went out and elected their leaders who were indicted by the I.C.C.

The, I.C.C, issue is a mole hill which is acting as a stumbling block to the Kenyan citizenry,and,leadership.And,this cloud seems not to go away as we think despite spirited attempts by the government of the day to wash it away.Recently,the U.N security council,rejected Kenya and African Union’s bid to defer these cases for a year

This failed bid cuncurred with earliar attempts to defer these cases .The U.S and Britain ganged up in scuttling these deferral cases telling Kenya to honour their commitment to the Rome statute.

Already ,Deputy-President ,William Ruto’s case commenced and it is in it’s initial stages.And,Mr.Ruto,has reiterated that he will honour his date at the Court concerning his case and follow it to it’s logic conclusive conclusion until it is ruled otherwise.

But,the case which is causing concern and is the focus of the world happens to be that of President Uhuru Kenyatta.The whole world is monitoring closely whether he will honour his date ,or,will he ignore his date and not attend his trial.It will be a historic moment and a high score for the International criminal court’s history if President Kenyatta attends his trial as he will be the first serving Head of state to stand trials at that Court

To President Kenyatta it is a humuliating debacle as a serving head of state is immune to any prosecutions according to Kenya’s constitution.As a democratically elected President of Kenya,Mr.Kenyatta’s appearance at the International court,is a setback and a humiliation to the Republic of Kenya.

Different school of thoughts have emerged with most advising the President not to attend his trials at the Hague.They are arguing that it is a humiliation for a democratically elected President to stand trials at the International criminal court.

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