….Amid raising political temperatures ,a divided Nation …..came the Mpeketoni killings

………Amid raising political temperatures and polarisation ,a divided nation being fuelled by the conspiracy about ethnic profiling …..came the macabre Mpeketoni massacre where more than 60 innocent lifes were killed on a night of killing spree.It was a bitter pill to swallow as a nation and Kenyan citizenry because we couldn’t fathom how such a terrible incident could happen at this day and times.

And,following this senseless killings at Mpeketoni in Lamu County,we have to be honest with each other and acknowledge the fact that we are facing a crisis as a Nation.The country is evidently besieged by several problems and threats,and,the public is apprehensive and needs guidance .

The situation became clear as President Kenyatta addressed the nation,where his tone was sad .He said as such;the matter is grave.

This killings came hot on the heels of continued terrorist attacks which have claimed many lifes,coupled by raising political temperatures and tensions.The terrorists have being having field days as they unleash their devilish acts on innocent Kenyans,while at the same stroke the politicians are busy planting the deadly seeds of ethnic discord.

So this killings couldn’t be distinguished whether it was an act of terror ,criminal activity,or,it was linked to the already heated political climate.Some M.ps and senators have pointed accusing fingers at CORD coalition ,and,it’s leader,Raila odinga in particular.

Since the return of Raila the CORD coalition have upped their political activities which has heightened our murky political waters with their rallying call of national dialogue.And,it is in these supercharged rallies that they have talked about revolutions and mass actions which has polarised the country.

But,most Kenyan citizenry are hoping CORD will scale down it’s rhetoric in the following months and give the government room to correct whatever is wrong .Also,our political leaders must put aside their perceived differences and put national interests first. Infact,it’s during such crisis that a patriotic leaders emerges to build confidence among communities and citizenry.

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