Is Raila Odinga,crying foul because of a genuine and a real foul play,or ,is he trying to remain relevant politically having found himself in a desperate and awkward situation?

Is Raila Odinga ,crying wolf because of a genuine and real foul play ,or,is he trying to remain relevant politically having found himself in a desperate and awkward situation?And,is he in the right mind when he tries to criticise ,condemn and sacrifice constitutional bodies which were created by the constitution ,with his scathing remarks? Or,is he trying to find solace by seeking public sympathy through finding a scapegoat ?Or,is he having an ulterior motive of balkanising the nation ?

After suffering a humiliating defeat in the just concluded general election where his CORD alliance was defeated by President Kenyatta’s jubilee coalition,Raila has being ranting time and again to showcase his displeasure.He has being telling the world and anyone who cares to listen that he was denied an outright win.And,talk about a desperate man in a desperate situation ,while trying to remain relevant politically after suffering a set back.

Of late ,the former prime minister has being on the necks of the Judiciary and the Independent Election and Boundary Commission.He has being directing stinging criticism to the Supreme Court for it’s verdict,where the Court threw out his petition which he had challenged the victory of President Kenyatta.Also,in the line of his crossfire was IEBC over what he said that they conducted elections which weren’t free and fair ,they were full of anomalies ,discrepancies and irregularities .He has being on a criticising path discrediting them ,and,on the part of IEBC he calls for it’s disbandment.

And,his latest tirade and shove was when he returned from London where he had attended a “Times Africa CEO’s summit”conference,where he launched a scathing attack on the Supreme Court ,following it’s verdict to upheld the victory of Uhuru Kenyatta.In particular he castigated the Chief Justice for presiding what he termed as “injustice”,and told him to stop complaining about bribery allegations levelled against him.

“Remember that 800 pages of our evidence were struck out by the Supreme Court with a stroke of a pen.Then the same court goes ahead to say that there was no evidence ,is this justice ,or,injustice,”Odinga asked.”When the Chief Justice says he is offended ,he should know that there are Kenyans out there who are more offended than him,” a visibly agitated Odinga asserted.

And,obviously ,Mr.Odinga,was adding fuel to the already lit bonfire that has being making rounds in the social media that the Supreme Court Judges were bribed by the jubilee team to compromise justice and rule in their favour.The social media of late is awash with these shenanigan talks which is turning out to be too much tribalistic.It has offered a platform to the citizenry where they have being pouring poison laced comments irrespective of it’s repercussions.

He also scoffed the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission where he threw goofs at them,over what he termed that they conducted a shabbly election which were bungled and full of irregularities.He took a swipe at the IEBC over the manner it conducted the March 4 election.We had alot of evidence showing the misconduct of the IEBC even the Court said that the IEBC should be investigated .This IEBC must be reformed ,Kenyans cannot afford to go into another election with this team

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