Does Raila Odinga deserves such kind of treatment

According to Mutahi Ngunyi,the jubilee administration should treat Raila Odinga,nicely since they vanquished him and he is trying to regroup.His comments comes hot on the heels after Mr.Odinga suffered a humiliating setback in the recent past.

While trying to use the V.I.P lounges at the airport,he came to a shocker of his life when he was barred by airport officials to use these facility because he wasn’t a V.I.P anymore.And,according to these airport officials there was a letter that was written by their seniors directing them not to let any person who isn’t a V.I.P to access these lounges.

After these two incidents,there was alot of brouhaha from the CORD supporters castigating the jubilee administration for mistreating Raila in what they termed as a deliberate attempt to humiliate Raila.They reminded the jubilee administration that Raila is still a figurehead in our country’s politics.He is the father of democracy and he should be accorded the necessary priviliges that desrves him.”As a person who has fought for our democracy he deserves respect”.

But,the government moved fast to downplay the incident ,blaming it on”over-enthusiastic” civil servants and vowed to take disciplinary action against anybody found to have subjected Odinga to such humuliation .”That (blocking him from using the V.I.P lounge) is not an official position of this government that treats Raila with alot of respect,”asserted government spokesman,Muthui Kariuki.

Treating Raila so shoddily is unworthy of a reasonable government.Granted that Odinga is not retired yet ,but there is still no reason to hound and humuliate him.Treating a vanquished election rival so is primitive behaviour unbecoming of modern democracy

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