Having survived the storm that nearly brought him down to the ground ,the director of public prosecution,Mr.Keriako Tobiko ,may sigh a sign of relief after Parliament  approved his nomination and that of Chief Justice and his deputy,and their subsequent oathing of office.He may have survived the storm that gathered against him which was so fierce to such an extent that it seemed as if it would have cut him short.

But,the tidal wave hasn’t cooled down as it is gathering.A lot of questions marks were questioned concerning his integrity,working ethics,and his connection to the political class.It was an un-sormountable challenge  that was thrown to him.His name was dragged left,right as all manner of allegations were levelled against him .First,the corruption allegations were levelled when the former permanent secretary came forward and accused him of soliciting a bribe through proxies to drop some charges in the land cementary scandal.Also a serving Judge levelled allegation against Mr.Tobiko,His beef was a case he handled which he didn’t handle professionally.

It was a technical blow and aone of the trying times for the DPP ,as he tried to put a brave face to counter the said allegations .But,the most scarily allegation was when he was linked to the Eldoret North ,Member of Parliament,William Ruto,in the fraud case he was facing which was thrown out of the courts due to lack of evidence.The charges were that the DPP necessitated the lack of evidence  because he had a connection with the said Parliamentarian.

But ,his appointment had raised more heat than the dust ,creating a hullabaloo.The political class was so sharply divided .While some supported his appointment ,others read a mischief  in their support and they totally opposed the move saying that the former wants the status quo to remain .His community were all rallying behind him vowing that nothing would stop his nomination,while threatening to withdrew support to a political party they belong to .

The civil society groups and other interest groups were on his neck ready to straggle him dead,where they upped their game plan by vowing to block his appointment through the courts .They have said that there is to much allegations that needs investigations to un-earth the truth.They also alleged that the process that was followed to nominate him was flawed ,it wasn’t transparent like that of judicial service commission.

But ,following closely all this un-foldings one tends to wonder ,is it a new kind of politicking which politicizes each an every issue or undertaking that is cropping up?In this whole unfolding one reads a political mischief which has being poisoned with.

With the new constitution in place which gives Parliament  power to play a pivot role in the implementation of policies and into consideration what is transpiring then we have a case to wary.But, with the latest unfoldings ,is it a ploy to give the political class a leeway  to gang up and have a say in propagating their ideals ?

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