…..The Question of Independent Election and Boundaries Commission…..Now that the political class has come to a compromise and embarked on a journey to reform I.E.B.C by the formation of aspecial committee..we do hope that they will approach the issue on a sober and thoughtful manner….

……Now that the political class has come to a compromise and agreed to embark on the tedious journey of reforming and tackling the “question of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission” by the formation of a special Parliamentary select committee,we do hope that they will approach the issue on a sober and thoughtful manner.They must put the interests of the Kenyan citizenry before their own as has been the case .

The interests of the Kenyan citizenry from across the board must be addressed fully because they are the ones who suffers most when negative political shenanigans backfires with disastrous effects.

And,the political class must not be vindictive enough to just only fire the commissioner(s) as some politicians have being clamouring with their disguising ulterior motives,just because they lost an election.Doing such an engagement is tantamount to white washing the commission.

Replacing just the commissioners without reforming the commission itself will be counter productive and a total shifting of goal posts.The Commissioners will see themselves as the target of bad political scheming by the political class .They will arrive at a conclusion that they were used as scapegoats for other ulterior political motives.

The commissioners should be treated with kind gloves and offered a safe exit if they do agree to retire honourably because they are constitutional office holders and that office do have a security of tenure.The terms of engagement with the commission that binds are clearly written in the letter of the supreme law.

But,what we are intending to do now concerning the “question of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission”is circumventing the already laid down structural procedure of tackling the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission and so we must handle it with outermost care it deserves.Any disgruntled citizenry can lodge a petition in the Court to question and seek interpretation of the law whether what the political class are doing in regard to I.E.B.C is within the law.

The constitution stipulates that for the removal of the commissioner(s) a petition must be presented in the National Assembly for the deliberations.After the majority of the Members of Parliament votes in support of the petition ,the House presents a petition to the President to form a tribunal to investigate the conduct of the commissioner(s)as per the letter of the petition leveled against them.

Overall,it is a tedious legal process which consumes a lot of time and resources.And,what we are intending to do is to circumvent the legal process after the “question of Independent Election and Boundaries Commission” almost turned chaotic.The demonstrations against the I.E.B.C were the orders of every Mondays.This protests polarised and evoked the political emotions of the country of which had already taken the dangerous tribalistic angle.

These demonstrations against Independent Election and Boundaries Commission were called by the C.O.R.D coalition in their protest against I.E.B.C which left 6 people dead ,others nursing injuries ,and,also we witnessed wanton destruction of property after the protests turned violent and confrontational .These protests were meant to force the Jubilee government to hear their disgruntled calls for the “question of the I.E.B.C”after they accused them of total failure in their mandate and obligations.

And,since then ,the coalition has being piling pressure on the “question of I.E.B.C”. It took the intervention of the foreign envoys to end the stalemate and cool down the political temperatures that were building up which had led to the clash of opinions and a shouting match in the name of political supremacy battles.

The Jubilee government had stood it’s ground insisting that any reform to the commission the letter of the law must be followed and adhered to.

The politicians from the both sides of the political divide were using inflammatory remarks,derogatory and reckless utterances which could have flamed the country until the police reacted and arrested the hate mongering politicians.

But,some I.E.B.C commissioners having felt the heat and pressure have opted to resign in the face of petition and the creation of a special committee concerning the institution .These said commissioners have parting conditions before they leave office.

As part of their conditions for resigning ,the commissioners have asked to be paid a cumulative sum of the salaries they would have earned had they served their entire term.They also want to be paid gratuity for work done and additional compensation because they feel their reputations have being damaged.

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