……..The Question of the Independent candidates in the forthcoming General Election…….as Independent Election and Boundaries Commission clears more the 4000 candidates to vie for different political positions…..

……..The question of Independent candidates in the forthcoming general election which is slated to be held in August 8……..as Independent Election and Boundaries Commission clears more than 4000 candidates to vie for different political positions.

10 candidates will fight it for the Presidency,with 28 vying for governorship,31 senators,215 members of Parliament ,14 women representatives and many others for members of county assemblies positions.

The number of independent candidates this year is Kenya’s biggest ever ,even larger than that of nominees of the two most popular political outfits combined.

But,the million dollar questions begs……,will they gain acceptance to the electorate in the largely dominated political circles which are controlled by political elites,establishments and tribal chieftains? Will they convince the citizenry to them in our skewed politics?Will they survive the political tidal waves that will be created by the two main political coalition outfits?

Will they create a third force as has being touted to counter the main coalitions outfit candidates? Will they make an impact in this would be a hotly contested general election?

These are questions that are arising in the political arena as the writings are that in the forthcoming general election the independent candidates will be a force to reckon with.They are being equated as the the force and true to the words they might turn out to be while putting into consideration the high number of independent candidates that have so far registered in the forthcoming general election.

The sheer volume of the independents means if they are elected ,a good number of elected leaders will not owe allegiance to any political party,or,coalition in the National assembly ,or,senate.

The constitution gives a leeway for such candidates to stand as independent candidates .And,it is within their democratic right to vie as independent candidates if they feel like .

Some have all along stood as independent candidates as we witnessed in the 2013 general election where one Member of parliament was elected as an independent candidate.While others found themselves in an awkward political position which beckoned them to stand as so

The conclusion of nominations of most political parties where they selected their preferred candidates left majority of losers counting their losses and out in the political cold.And,it is to be noted that the nominations of most political parties were shambolic where they faced logistical problems hence they weren’t free and fair.

Hence,the majority of the independents claim to have being rigged out in the nominations and have vowed to be on the ballot to face off with their rivals ,who were handed certificates by their parties.

These political party nominations …….shambolic as they were …..left out a good number of budding and experienced politicians ,who ,most of them have vowed to be on the ballot come may what.

But,the political discourse should focus on the influence of the independent candidacy on party politics.

Political parties are hallmark of democracy .Any attempt to weaken ,or,destroy the political party system in a growing democracy like Kenya is tantamount to derailing the hard earned democratic gains.

The sudden growth and expected increase in appeal of the “independent candidate system” to politicians and the electorate must be keenly watched and possibly curtailed as it could be the first nail in the coffin of political parties….. with the pace at which people are opting for independent candidacy the death of political parties is nigh.

More political aspirant could prefer the independent ticket as it is more affordable and avoid the enormous resource draining and shambolic party primaries.

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