Yes we can. And he did it. This was the campaign theme slogan that characterized and was guiding principle of the President-Elect, Senator Barrack Obama, after he launched his presidential ambitions. The world is still reeling off from that triumphant victory of the first black African American, after he was written off by many pessimists.

            A dream has fulfilled, after, it was visualized by, Martin Luther King Jr, in his famous speech, “I have a dream”. History was written by the victorious tidal wave of the first time Illinois senator. To most pundits Martin Luther and other human right activities acted like John the Baptist who prepared the way for the messiah’s mission, hence Martin, prepared the way and Mr. Obama had to walk on it.

            Mr. Obama’s name and his powerful message of hope and his vision plus his way of conviction evoked in memories of many, from remote rural villages in the third world countries, Kogelo his father’s ancestral village, to the big cities in the developed countries. Senator proved to be the most charismatic, gifted orator and organizer of his time. He played his cards as a true leader. Unlike ours, who practice regional and tribal?

            It was a historic victory that Mr. Obama is the first black person to win the President of the United States, a country that for long considered people of African descent legally subhuman. It was a psychological boast to the black Americans, who proved a point, that they can stand for something, who for quite a long time have been segregated and discriminated against. And, as we continue to applaud the American democracy for its efficiency we must not forget that it has taken their democracy for its efficiency we must not forget that it has taken their democracy many years to mould and it has faced many upheavals to attain its current status.  The American democracy has evolved many dimensions and many battles have been fought, but, a t the end of the day, they and propel each an every entrenched and laid down good structures and mechanisms in their constitution to cater and propel each and every of its undertaking.

            But, can we learn a few tips from Obama’s triumphant victory? Mr. Obama’s victory proved wrong the doubting Thomases, who had questioned his ability, that, “yes you can’, if you challenge yourself positively you can succeed.

            The moment he declared that he will be gunning for presidency for the republic of U.S.A; many people were skeptical about his burning ambition and doubted him. Thus, they ruled him out and treated him just as mere pacesetter in a big race. But, he proved them wrong and he went ahead to mould his idea as he laid the necessary mechanisms and strategies that would prosper him to victory.

            One aspect that we can learn from Mr. Obama, is the art of positive self-esteem, that’s believing in yourself that you can accomplish whatever activity you engage in. when he fronted hi slogan, “yes we can”, he was telling the world that if you engage in something you must erase the sense of doubt and focus all of your mind and energies in that activity and not forgetting the belief that you will succeed. There isn’t any shortcut to success, and you must fight all your battles and face many upheavals that stand on your way. But, at the end of the day, you must have that winning mentality, that, you will succeed, if you belief in yourself.

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