At the time of writing this post, U.S.A, President Barack Obama was heading to Ghana, his stop in Africa. It will be his second visit in Africa and a first one in the Sub Saharan Africa. An earlier Visit had taken him to Egypt where he addressed the Muslim World. This time round, and, according to American Officials the President visit is an act of Reward for Ghana Democratic ideals. Ghana recently held a hotly contested presidential pool without any scare of violence and vote rigging.

Obama’s visit in the continent of Africa, especially Ghana is a clear indication that his administration will only deal with countries that upholds the rule of law, practices good democracy and institutes good governance.

According to President’s Obama Point man for Africa, Assistant Secretary of State, Johnie Carson, he said that the U.S Government would continue to support countries that embrace democracy and rule of law. And, Ghana’s case will act as a catalyst for other Nations nation’s wishing to embrace democracy.

President Obama has not yet put his stamp on Africa. Africa has not been high on Obama’s foreign policy agenda in his 6 months in office as he wrestles with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Right from his campaign days, Obama has been vocal and rooted for these virtues which have been high on his Agenda, that’s good and transparent governance and initiation of true democracy in the systems of governance. Hence, Obama’s visit to Ghana has a significant and signifies a lot and points pointing fingers to the African leaders to uphold good governance and do let the true democracy to demystify in their countries.

The president who traces his roots in Africa, as his father was a Kenyan, holds this continent dearly in his heart and wants to help it overcome it’s numerous challenges and problems.

Ghana a former British colony that was the first African Nation to win independence in 1957, a closely contested presidential election which saw power peacefully transferred to opposition leader, John Atta Mills in January, and it show cased a rare occurrence in Africa. Kenya had tilted to the direction in 2002, but a thin thread which had held them in the name of Memorandum of Understanding was not honoured which resulted to negative repercussions.

Thus, the Obama administration is keen to hold up Ghana as a model for the rest of Africa, where croups are not uncommon and elections are often marred by charges of vote rigging and sometimes violence.

Good democracy and governance are high up on his agenda, so he is rewarding Ghana. He is supposed to deliver a major speech in Ghana’s Parliament that emphasizes good governance and the importance of dramatically improving food security on a continent where millions are starving. Fighting corruption and expanding Bush administration initiatives to combat the spread of H.I.V A.I.D.S and Malaria.

But, will the African Leaders ever learn from Ghana as a true pillar of democracy and embrace it? And, will the Obama’s Visit awaken them to institute the necessary reforms?

These are questions that African countries and leaders needs to ask themselves, ponder over them and put to an end of what characterizes the African leadership where coups, vote rigging, violence’s are order of the day. The Myth of long life Presidents in the African society should be put to an end because most Presidents manipulate the systems at the expense of poor Africans. Most African leaders don’t retire but dies in Office, and those whose options are limited constitutionally they are forced to step down due to pressure been exerted.

Democracy in Africa has lost its meaning because of power greedy leaders. They have made the democracy dream the founding fathers had for the continent vanish in thin air. To some it entails their “right” to stay in power for as long as they can. If leaders observe true democracy, Africa could be far in economic development.

Obama’s visit came at a time when the American Government is exerting pressure on the Kenya’s coalition Government to address and implement the agenda 4 of the national accord. The Agenda 4 of the national accord had called for the total overhaul, reformation and institutional of the necessary reforms in our governance systems. But, the coalition Government has been dragging its feet as pressure continues to mount. Carson said that the coalition government must fully implement reforms or else we will be doomed to fail.

According to political analysts the agenda 4 contains the necessary remedy for our country, and if implemented it will address the issues that precipitated the post election violence. These reforms are paramount as they hold the key to solutions which have been hampering the growth of the country economically and democratically.

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