……..Of President Kenyatta’s frustrated comments on corruption at State House during a Governance and accountability summit……”Do you expect me to go and set up a firing squad at Uhuru park ,to demonstrate we are fighting corruption?”…….

……Of President Kenyatta’s frustrated comments on corruption at State House during a Governance and accountability summit……”Do you expect me to go and set up a firing squad at Uhuru park ,to demonstrate we are fighting corruption?”

He intimated that he could not do that just to please the baying mobs because Kenya is a country that respects the rule of law.

The President seemed to have uttered these frustrated comments about corruption in reply to the aggravating pile up of pressure on him to rein on corruption.He seemed to have being bogged down by corruption and he seemed to have thrown his hands in despair.

The way he talked seemed as somebody who is caught in a catch 22 situation….as one who is totally incapable of dismantling and reining corruption in our systems of governance.

And,corruption is a great menace and a cancer to Kenya which dogs our country. Right now,another big corruption scandal in the Ministry of Health ,has being un -earthed where it is reported that we might be losing money to the tune of Kshs.5 Billion,in dubious deals.And,the funny thing is that corruption is perpetrated by our own leaders and government officials whom we have mandated to develop our nation.

i believe that one of the major contributors to it’s increase is impunity by political leaders and other individuals holding public offices.This is highly manifested through these individuals literally taking control of the criminal justice system using money and power and in the end are acquitted of charges by courts.

The U.S.A chamber of commerce ,in it’s illuminating report on the the great potential in the country noted that,our own foibles denies us big opportunities .The report pointed that great progress in infrastructural projects and a booming economy are indicators that we are light years ahead of the pack.But,poor governance ,corruption and embezzlement of funds have always tainted our image.

The public discourse on corruption in Kenya is getting louder and it is shaping up to be one of the issues that will likely dominate and shape up the rhetoric in the election campaigns .

We must crush key drivers and sustainers of corruption.Our politics is rooted in financial and moral corruption,generates corruption;is sustained and preserved by corruption and insulates the corrupt against justice.

President Kenyatta turned up the heat on the subject during the Governance and accountability summit at State House when he expressed his frustration at the ineptitude of the government agencies charged with the task of fighting corruption.

And,that statement triggered strong reaction ,with some accusing the President and Jubilee government of being responsible for the rise in corruption in recent years.

According to Daily nation columnist,Macharia Gaitho ,he wrote that ,it is time we took all the known kingpins of corruption and parade them for public execution at Uhuru park.The principals of the Goldenberg ,National Youth service scandal,Anglo leasing and other instances of economic sabotage are well known.So are the authors of the massive looting that has hit key public corporations such as the former Kenya Post and Telecommunication corporation,Kenya power,Kenya Railway corporation ,National Bank of Kenya….the list is endless.

He further wrote that those thieves in high places deserve nothing less than the death sentence for their crimes against the people of Kenya and can only be viewed at par with treason.No one can deny the fact that when the Chinese decide to make a few examples of the corrupt ,they do it with speed and clinical efficiency.They are not slowed down by the wealth ,family links ,or,political clout of the targeted villain .We can do the same if we ceased whining ,passing buck and throwing up our hands in despair.

To Pete Ondeng,while commenting in the Daily nation ,wrote that,we will win war on corruption when we get fed up with the status quo.Corruption exists at all levels of our society and has become a serious impediment to the country’s progress .It is a pervasive spirit that has spread like a cancer into all facets of our lives,killing the hope and dreams of entire generations.

It robs the country of it’s dignity and poses a real threat to our national security.

He further wrote that ,the war on corruption is a war of values that requires the entire society to dig down to the root of the problem and not just focus on the visible effects of the rot.Victory in the war on corruption will require changing the hearts and minds of Kenyans .Until we as a nation become fed up and emotionally dissatisfied with the status quo ,then this talk of war will be just that:talk.

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