Did the popular revolts fuelled by American,British and French money,weapons establish any democracy?

When the Arab spring revolutions erupted ,and,swept across the Arab world ,the western powers rejoiced and hailed the uprising as the best way to instil democracy and as the perfect order.These western countries ,and ,U.S.A ,were happy to provide weapons and monies for campaigns to remove these dictators who ruled these countries with iron fist.They offered material and logistic support to rebels .

They hailed as their citizens of islamic faith travelled to the deserts of Syria ,and,the other countries to join armed insurgency against these countries.These western powers summarised that democracy will sweep across the Arab world.It was all supposed to be part of the Arab spring that swept across Tunisia,Egypt,Libya and Syria.

But,ironically,these revolutions erupted in countries that don’t relate well with the western powers.And,their mission was accomplished when these western powers in total disguise of N.A.T.O forces ,killed Muammar Gadhaffi,as he was a thorn in the flesh.

The Arab springs ousted these so-called despots as they were labelled by these western powers.And,these powers installed their own puppets.Before these revolutions ,these countries enjoyed relative peace ,their economies were thriving,security was guaranteed and overall these countries were that ideal nations that citizenry yearn for.

But,since their ouster of these leaders ,these countries have gone to the dogs,down the drain and into an abyss.Mass murders,insecurity,displacements and other heneous crimes and sprouting of terrorist groupings are the orders of the days.The one glorified rebels metamorphosed to terrorists where they are killing their own people.Libya which was one of the giant pillars in Africa ,had a thriving economy,and,large oil fields ,is in a state of lawlessness,fragmented into different regions controlled by these armed rebel militias.

And,as these western powers were arming and supporting these rebels ,little did they knew they were creating giant in the name of terrorists.The recent beheadings of western journalists in Iraq and Syria attests to this fact.In Iraq these terrorists have outrun the imposed government ,and,in Syria they have taken some regions.In Libya,these militias are in total control of theirs regions,and,key strategic points of the country.These countries have become so unsecure to such an extent that you can’t venture in,or,live in because of insecurity.

But,did the popular revolts,well-fuelled by American,British and French money,weapons and arms,troops,establish democracy and human civil and political rights in the Arab world?Does their foreign policies acts in good faith?And,why do their foreign policies do backfire with disastrous effects?

The overthrow of military strongmen and these so-called Arab spring revolutions instead created a dangerous power vacuum that provided space for the growth of a virulent religious extremism .

Islamic state in Iraq and Syria ,is therefore ,a western creation,just as Al-qaeda,morphed from the groupings funded and armed by the U.S to take the war to the Russians in Afghanistan.

Even before the rebellion in Syria and elsewhere in Arab world where the western powers pumped in money and arms under the pretext of supporting people-led democratic uprising ,the U.S had sown the seeds of Islamic extremism with the ill-advised invansion that toppled Iraq’s strongman Saddam Hussein.

What the west seems never to have learnt is that it cannot impose democracy in the Arab world through puppet regimes.Any successful strategy demands that the western powers reassesses it’s past mistakes and accept that it must work with regimes it doesn’t like ,but,who provide stability and predictability in a volatile region.

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